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React and Angular: Why Your Company Needs Them

Want to know why developers use react js and Angular? Find out how in this post.

Getting the right framework is the main priority for your business. It has a direct impact on your organization’s ability to meet deadlines, increase code scalability and maintainability of your future app.

Javascript frameworks are growing at a fast pace, meaning that we have consistent updates of ReactJS and AngularJS. We’ve analyzed the multiple open positions that need specific knowledge of frameworks. For instance, Indeed has stated that 78.1% of developers use React, 0.8% using Vue. Js and 21% use Angular.

ReactJS has created a new tool to diagnose (on August 23rd) and detect performance issues in the React app. This makes it easier for developers to find debug issues and create high-quality code. And here, we’ll compare both frameworks to see which one is best for your development needs.

Reactjs vs Angularjs Comparison

So reactjs vs angularjs: Angular is one of Javascript’s most popular frameworks. Like other software suits, it provides multiple unique designs and out-of-the-box solutions. React’s ecosystem consists of a myriad of created, online tools (React JS).

Angular Js Advantages

  • Global community support is why Angular js is ahead of its competition. Designers and developers collaborate and make constant contributions to the community, increasing the reliability and credibility of the framework.
  • Two way data binds diffuses the impact after each minor data change without the extra effort of syncing and viewing the model.
  • It’s a complete framework that can run on any platform or browser. Also, it’s consistent, filled with ready-made tools, and has robust ng components, when compared to React.

Angular Drawbacks

  • Migration issues can occur when transferring from older Angular versions to new ones.

React Js Advantages

  • React’s proper rendering quality places it ahead of Angular. The technology uses smart methods to utilize the amount of DOM operations, accelerate, and optimize the updating process. Plus, its Virtual Document Object Model is of perfect use when handling multiple databases.
  • JSX is a Javascript syntax that creates HTML quotes and using the HTML tag syntax for its components rendering. It uses machine-readable code and gives the availability to place components in one time verified file.
  • The main difference between Angularjs and Reactjs is that ns stay HTML centric. However, Javascript is a more robust system, while React is far more consistent, simple, and focused.

Drawbacks of React

  • Takes longer to master in comparison to Angular. This means that ReactJS requires extensive knowledge on how to integrate the user interface into the MVC framework.
  • No official documentation – ReactJS’s fast development leaves it without a central place for proper documentation which can be chaotic. ReactJS developers tend to contribute to the language individually without having a systematic approach.


No matter how many new developments are made, you have to make a decision. You have to pick one that works the best for your project goals. If you’re trying to make short term applications, go for Angular as its easier to make. But for a complete application, React is the way to go. So use them for your project to ensure that your IT team can work on a reliable, robust framework!

Do you have any questions about React or Angular?

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