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Reasons Why Top Fashion Brands Leverage the Power of Instagram

Reasons Why Top Fashion Brands Leverage the Power of Instagram

Visual social media channels such as Instagram has brought about major recognition and profitable returns for top fashion brands worldwide. Over 96 percent of the total US-based fashion houses and brands are leveraging the power of Instagram, the most popular social media platform today. The top fashion marketers can see for themselves that best brands on Instagram get about 2.26 percent engagement rate for every follower and that is about 100x more as compared to Twitter and 10 times more when compared to Facebook. Instagram is a great place for marketing and promoting fashion brands. Here are a few reasons why top fashion brands are making the most of this powerful social media platform.

Simplicity Is the Power

Instagram’s real strength lies in its minimalism and simplicity. The content is usually presented to the audience in a truly consistent and really predictable format. Instagram fundamentally is simple, easy to digest, and truly intuitive. Instagram has focused on UX (User Experience) and given it an utmost priority as such, their platform is intensely loved b everybody and consumers would keep coming back to it. The fashion brands that are cleverly adapting to this sort of simplicity are reaping the full benefits. For instance, Levis has really made it big on Instagram.

Fashion Is Always in Vogue

Brands are leveraging the popular social media platforms for effectively delivering warmth, a freshness, and personal touch to their target audiences. Having a presence on the most popular social media platform makes these fashion brands appear more human and people would not treat them with disdain. Top fashion brands are utilizing effective tools such as Gramista to boost Instagram followers.

Influencer Marketing Is Certainly in Vogue

If the entire influencer marketing process is done organically, it would be driving anincredible amount of traffic to your site and would be boosting sales for an extended period of time. Many brands realize and recognize the significance of endorsement and so they would go out of their way to do that. The best thing about Instagram is that it would make promotional posts look beautiful and personal. The fashion industry today is hugely reliant on Instagram.

Amalgamation of Both Offline and Online

Instagram has brought about a radical change in the concept of fashion shows. Hashtags are today used by top fashion designers for promoting their apparel lines and fashion accessories. The fashion designers are encouraging the audience to engage and even share pictures online socially. The fashion journalists and reporters have an opportunity to keep monitoring the events. The knowledgeable audience is happy to explore the things that take place behind the scenes from the privacy and comfort of their own home. The demarcation line that runs between the offline and online marketing and promotion, has become completely blurred.


Blogs were initially welcomed with open arms by retail marketers for adding a new dimension to their products. Today, micro-blogging seems to be intrinsically visual that is why you come across a host of aesthetically pleasing and well-designed posts on fashion brands on Instagram.


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