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Reasons you should buy an iPhone 7 instead of the iPhone X

iOS users went crazy when they heard about the release of iPhone X and when this phone came out, people were a little disappointed because they were expecting just too much out of this release. It’s not that iPhone X is not a good option but if you are someone who has to choose between iPhone 7 and iPhone X then you should definitely go for the iPhone 7 and don’t worry, we do have proper reasons and explanations for that.

Here’s why we think of iPhone 7 to be a better option than the iPhone X;

1-It is more affordable

Apple has always been famous for the huge figures of dollars but let’s face it iPhone X is just too much expensive. Want us to compare the prices for you? Well here you go;

iPhone 7 costs around $550 for 32 GB and if you go for the 62 GB one then you have to pay $650 for that

iPhone X on the other hand costs around $1,000 for 64GB and it’s $1,150 if you go for the 256GB.

Here you can clearly see that iPhone 7 is half the price of iPhone X. Moreover, the worst part is that if you buy an iPhone X, you then have to buy a $200 Apple Care + because out of warranty repairs can be extremely costly.

The best part is that if you want to buy an iPhone 7 on a much cheaper rate then you can opt for the used iPhone after checking it’s condition from the FoneStore.

2-You get to enjoy more colors in iPhone 7

Another great thing about iPhone 7 is that it comes in 5 different colors (silver, rose gold, gold, matte and jet black) but when it comes to the iPhone X, you only get to enjoy two colors that are white and black. iPhone 7 even has a 6th color that is red but Apple discontinued this color a few months ago. However, you can still by a red iPhone from different sellers and sites like eBay.

3-The OLED and Retina displays

It is an undeniable fact that the iPhone X comes with an unbeatable OLED screen quality but if you talk about iPhone 7, you’ll know from a lot of people that the retina display of both the iPhone 7 and 7 plus is just outstanding. Moreover, phones with LCD displays look more attractive and beautiful as compared to the ones with the LED screens.

4-iPhone X comes with a glass back

Apple added a glass back to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 too so that these phones can support Qi wireless charging. But the downside to this addition is that these phones are now more susceptible to fingerprints, smudges and fall damage. On the other hand when it comes to the iPhone 7, they have a aluminum unibody frame which means you won’t have to worry about cracks and the breakage if the phone falls.

Now, if you are someone who actually wants to buy a phone which is worthy of the each and every single penny spent then you should definitely go for iPhone 7. It’s cheaper, it’s more beautiful and it has more colors to choose from.

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