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RYL – Record Your Life project – Record Anything You Want But Don’t Get Recorded by Other Apps!

You don’t need to be a journalist to make use of voice-recording apps. They’re useful for podcasters, students, private investigators, audio note takers, and sometimes just the plain paranoid. Yes, there are separate digital recorders, but why carry two gadgets when you already have all these options in the palm of your hand? There are apps that are free or relatively low-cost and range from basic, easy-to-operate apps to those with a full range of features that even pros will appreciate. If you’re looking for a practical and unique recording tool for your Android device, here’s one definitely worth checking out.

What is RYL – Record Your Life project?

Meet RYL – Record Your Life project, one of the most innovative Android apps, one that lets its users record everything they want, anytime they choose. This is a completely free productivity app that has the power to run in the background while you do anything else on your phone or tablet. Offering crystal-clear and high quality sounds, RYL is very easy to use and surely one of the most efficient apps we’ve ever reviewed. Let’s look more into it.

App Highlights

There’s an interesting phrase in the app’s description that really caught our attention – True “Time-Shifting” machine. It means that it automatically records anything you want and saves the past 2/15/60 minutes or at any point from your last 7 days. Everything recorded is then stored locally, in a special folder on your device named “RYL Safe”. You can easily pause the recording, delete unwanted records of your history, sync calendar meetings, hear and share calendar meetings with other users, and so on. The files stored in your device are small-sized, the app uses as minimum resources as possible, and it doesn’t drain your battery’s life. Just install the app and it will auto-launch during startup.

Stop all other apps from recording

In addition, the latest and upgraded version of the app features more amazing options. For example, it blocks other apps from recording, such as to turn off Facebook listening. It records safely and it keeps everything secured – 24/7.

Store your significant life moments directly in your Android device, download the – Record Your Life project app for free from the following Google Play’s link and enjoy.

Google Play Download Link: RYL – Record Your Life project

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