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10 Cool DuckDuckGo Features You Won’t Find On Google

Search Smarter than Google with Duckduckgo

In First look DuckDuckGo.com looks like Google and other Search engines. But there are many subtleties that make this Spartan search engine different. DuckDuckGo has some slick features, like ‘zero-click‘ information (all your answers are found on the first results page). DuckDuckgo offers disambiguation prompts (helps to clarify what question you are really asking). And the ad spam is much less than Google.

Today i am going to Show you 10 Cool DuckDuckGo Features You Won’t Find On Google .

1. Search the Web Privately

When you click a Google result, the site you visit can see your search term, your location, the browser you are using and other information it could pass on to its advertisers. DuckDuckGo doesn’t share or store any of your searches or personal details.

10 Cool DuckDuckGo Features You Won’t Find On Google

2. Get Instant Definitions

DuckDuckGo’s Zero-click function can save you having to open a search result. Look up a word and a definition appears at the top of the page, accompained by different uses of the term.


3. Explain an Emoticon

If you have received a smiley in a message, for example :-B , and don’t know what it means, enter it in DuckDuckGo to get an instant definition from Wikipedia.


Try that in Google , it will give you did not match any documents notifications.


4. Search within a Site

DuckDuckGo uses commands called ‘!bangs’ to let you search within specefic websites. Just type ! followed by the site you want to search and your query, for example !youtube comedy circus .


5. Make DuckDuckGo Indain or any country that you want

Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo doesn’t yet have a country version, but the site can be customized to be more country-specific result. Go to the more Option and select the settings and choose your country


6. Get Useful Data Instantly

It will give you Specific information about your search.


7. Is it Raining ?

When you traveling to any place , city or country and you want to know Is it Raining ?


8. Food Recepies :-

You can easily find out your food recepies with DuckduckGo


9. Get ducky first time

Googles “I m feeling Luck” button is a quick way to open the top search resuly, but DuckDuckGo is even faster. Just enter a backslash before your query, such as apple and you will go straight to the first site. Naturally, this feature is called “ I m feeling Ducky“.



10. Burst the Filter Bubble

The more you use Google, the more it tailors your search results. This means certain pages appear above others, because google thinks they are more relevant to your testes, trapping you in what;s been called a “filter bubble”. DuckDuckGo rejects this approach so that you don’t miss unusual and uncharacteristic sites.

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