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Securely remove data from Hard-disk

Securely remove data from Hard-disk

Securely remove data from Hard-disk :-

Deleting files from Recycle-bin and even formatting hard-disk is not primary solution for Secure file deletion. Lots of Software are available on internet that can recover your data after formatting.

Today i am going to show you How easily you can Securely remove data from hard-disk that are unrecoverable.

1. HDDErase

HDDErase v4.0 is a free utility that uses the ‘Secure Erase’ feature built into the firmware of all modern hard drives.

The Secure Erase feature shreds all data on the hard drive – including HPA, DCO and bad sectors.

The HDDErase utility is available from CMRR here as a zip file – unzip it then burn the ISO file to CD/USB drive.

Boot from this CD/USB drive and follow the instructions – see the Readme and Q&A documents on the download page for more details.

Securely remove data from Hard-disk

2. Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a free suite of programs and is most commonly used as a live Linux CD, no install required.

The suite includes (under the System Tools menu) an Erase Disk program which also uses the hard drive firmware’s Secure Erase feature – like HDDErase above.

Securely remove data from Hard-disk

Parted Magic is available from here as an ISO file – burn to CD/USB drive.

3. DBAN Utility                                                                                                  

DBAN is a self-contained boot disk that automatically deletes the contents of any hard disk that it can detect. This method can help prevent identity theft before recycling a computer. It is also a solution commonly used to remove viruses and spyware from Microsoft Windows installations. DBAN prevents all known techniques of hard disk forensic analysis. It does not provide users with a proof of erasure, such as an audit-ready erasure report.


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