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Self-Driving Cars Are on Their Way to Change the World!

Self-Driving Cars Are on Their Way to Change the World!

“Google is working on self-driving cars, and they seem to work. People are so bad at driving cars that computers don’t have to be that good to be much better.” 

Marc Andreesen

The world must say thank you to Elon Musk – a person whose dream to make the world better ended up being one of the most influential people worldwide and a person who has pushed the electric cars to another level. His brainchild, Tesla Motors, dictates on the market of electric cars and the innovations they implement push the technologies even further.

Self-driving cars are a new level of such smart cars and they are ready to bring even more changes. We are confident that self-driving cars are a necessity and tomorrow is with them. And even the necessity towrite a rebuttal paragraph to make our argumentation even more solid won’t stop us from believing in it.

When to expect self-driving cars?

Let’s face this, the appearance of self-driving cars on the roads worldwide is only a matter of time. Tesla Motors, Google and some other car giants work their socks off to create safe cars that can drive without human assistance.  It is possible to say for sure that within the next 10 years more and more such vehicles will appear. But why are they so beneficial?

They are the part of our future

No one expected smartphones to replace so many devises and become an inevitable part of our life. Show modern computer to a person from 1960s and he would think that you are joking about the possibilities of this device. The same thing goes with self-driving vehicles. People start to rely on the technologies more now than before so such cars will definitely become an integral part of our life.

 They are more advantageous than common cars

  • They will reduce the number of car accidents
  • They are able to react to any potential danger on the road faster than human
  • Cars are not prone to human errors

According to the Worlds Health Organization, 1.25 million people die in the car accidents annually. Self-driving cars are the great chance to lessen this horrid number.

It is possible to say for sure that cars with computer control will follow the traffic rules – unlike human drivers who tend to break them every now and then.

In addition, it is hard to imagine a situation when a car hits something because of intoxication. Thus, these cars are real salvation for those drivers who are so irresponsive that can drive being drunk.

Why not all people accept this new technology?

There are some concerns that may become real stumbling blocks on the self-driving cars’ way to success.

The first one is the moral issue: whom to save life, to a passenger or a pedestrian? People still wonder what commands will the program do in similar situations. However, the same question may be asked to any car driver and god only knows what he or she will answer.

In addition, someone may have a possibility to gain control over the car through the hack attack. But appropriate protection of the program and systems of the car may improve the situation.

It becomes clear that our society requires these cars really badly because no matter how sophisticated the traffic regulations are, the number of deaths in the car accidents still grows. Of course, certain issues require sound solution but it is essential to allow self-driving cars to appear on the roads. The advantages of these vehicles far outweigh the problems that can appear using them.

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