Can you name the age when you first used your email address? As a kid, most of us were not even aware of the significance of having an email address. We were using it to have messenger accounts or Orkut profiles. Before using technology, people were relying on the letter for remote communication.

Today we are equipped with gadgets and advanced technologies to communicate with our loved ones without waiting for days to receive their replies. Ever since technology has got a hold of our lives, email is the most useful tool used by 50% of people for their communication.

They are also more concerned while giving their email information at random places. It is one of the reasons many websites have fewer registered visitors out of so many. 

Emails are most reliable when it comes to marketing campaigns of various businesses. A clothing brand also asks for your email address while leaving the cash counter to keep you updated with their offers.

If you are working in the business industry, you may have heard the phrase, “money is in the list.’ The list here refers to the email list every outlet has, for floating their information. Many companies rely on using automated email messages to outreach their customers. 

Why the email pool?

You may think that social media is still open access for running your marketing campaigns, but do not consider email useless too. Gathering thousands of emails is not necessary, but picking the potential ones is a hit. Studies and surveys suggest that 70% of website visitors never return.

It means that you may lose a considerable amount of email subscribers. Many of us, when visiting a website, decline the message of subscribing to the newsletter service. Approximately 66% of companies or retailers want to improve the quality of their email list, which can provide them better leads and generate good revenue by converting visitors into subscribers. 

Here are ways they may adapt to expand their email list. You may also get more information on how to build the email list appropriately; just click here.

  • Add Signup button

Many people might visit your website once a week or twice a month. If you are visiting your favorite clothing brand for shopping online, all their items will be visible to you, and you can scroll as much as you want. You can add things to your cart, but when the time comes to check out, they ask you to sign up if you are not registered.

Your favorite brand just got your email address on their list by asking you to sign up.  Adding a signup button at your website is an effective way to get emails registered to your list. You can customize your signup form for users to not quit midway because many users do not fill the form if they find it lengthy 

  • Make it look easy

If you are going to add so many options and a detailed form on a website, you might not get many emails into your pool. Instead of asking for first or last name, you can directly ask them to fill out their email. You can remove the name field, and your email list will grow faster than you expect. The reason behind this is the more complex the form. The fewer emails will people register on your site. 

  • Divert traffic to a landing page

Marketers often know their target audience. Before they launch their marketing campaign, they make a prior choice for the kind of audience they are going to target. You can divert the traffic to your landing page by offering something valuable. It is just like if you have to attract flies, leave something sweet for them. You can go for tempting offers like if they signup, they can enjoy your services the same as your subscribers for a week or a month. Just like Netflix allows you a free trial for a month, when you get glued to it, you ultimately subscribe to it. 

  • Add a pop-up

We often see pop up messages or advertisements when we are surfing a website. Let us not forget the fact that email marketing is permission-based. It means that you can only send the information that the user has chosen to receive. You can easily tempt your customers to register via email by offering them a hot deal in return. If you have a website of a famous brand and you want more emails into your list, offer a deal like a 75% discount if you sign up today. This kind of pop up message will lead many people to sign up as everyone wants to get the best product in little money. 

  • Generate valuable content

If you believe that you only have one specific kind of target audience, then you are wrong. Agreed that you launched your campaign, keeping your audience in mind, but once it is in the digital realm, it can reach anywhere and anyone. If a user is surfing your site, it is essential to check what you are giving them to read. Content should be more like generating a buyer’s persona to represent each type of person in your audience. You don’t need to write the whole book on it, and the content can be in the form of an ad, a short blog, or a pop-up. 

  • Facebook lead ad

Emails are one of the effective ways to gather leads for your marketing campaigns. People are more addicted to their social media these days. You can quickly gather potential email addresses by running a Facebook ad. The advertisements on Facebook gives you an option that collects email addresses. While creating an ad, you can customize the form that you want your customers to fill out while signing up or choose the audience to see that particular ad. So when a person clicks an advertisement, a pre-filled form will appear on the screen and the person has just to click the submit button

  • What’s in it for me

It is human nature to expect something in return, even if we are going to enroll in a university program, we check that if the field we are choosing is offering good jobs in the future or not. While you are convincing your users to sign up or register via their emails, let them see what they will get in return, this will work as a filter for the potential customers. You will get those people who are interested in your product or services. 


Many people might think about why it is a big deal to gather email, while you can easily use social media. Well, we cannot ignore the importance of emails. Social media accounts can get blocked, but email always stays. It will not matter if you have a list consisting of a thousand emails and out of those, you only have five potential customers or subscribers. By implementing one of those seven ways, you may get to increase your email list with potential buyers.