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Share files between mac and pc


Share files between mac and pc :-

Sharing file is always makes your work more flexible. If you have both pc and mac running on same network, it,s always good idea to share your files between pc and mac.

Today i am  going to show you how to Share files between pc to mac and mac to pc.

PC to MAC :-

Right- click on the Drive or folder that you want to share , Select the optionShare with and Select the Advanced Sharing option.


now click on the Advanced Sharing option. Check the Share this folderoption and enter your share name.


then click on the permission tab to give the permission to particular user or everyone.


Copy the shared path


Now go to the Mac pc. In the Finder menu > Go > select the Connect to Server option.


and enter the shared path of your windows folder with smb command. and enter your credentials.


it will show in the shared folder.


If you want to automatically connect on login with shared folder. then go the System preferences > Users and group. Select the Login items option and click on the + sign to add your shared folder.


and select your shared folder and click on the Add option to add it. Now after logout or restart. it will mount shared folder.

Share files between mac and pc1

MAC to PC :-

Create a folder that you want to share with windows pc. then go to the System preferences and select the sharing option.


now select the File Sharing , Now in the Shared Folders option , click on the + sign icon to add your folder that you want to share .


click on option , and select the Share files and folders using SMB and enter your credentials.


Now go to the network or network places in your windows pc, it will show your shared computer.


Enjoy the share files between MAC to PC and PC to MAC.

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