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Shredder purchase knowledge tips 

Facing the dazzling shredder products in the market, Use our customers to lose direction, should Which brand to choose, What kind of requirements are there? The quality of how? How about energy saving? Introduced below Some selection criteria for shredders, I hope to help everyone

First, and most important Security level

The level of confidentiality is the first thing we must consider, Because various departments of various companies have junk files and  In  the same time, For those heavy files or confidential documents, you should choose a high level of confidentiality.

Shredder help to protect the data from being leaked, and the level of confidentiality of the shredder are linked to the way of shredding. Bring us the effect of shredded paper is also different.

  • Few common shredders are: broken, granular, and segment.
  • Several kinds of shredded paper, like foam, strip, and silk.

The higher the level of confidentiality, the higher the amount you need to pay but if quality is good then your result also good… broken out is smaller piece of your document. Your shredder should follow below safety.

Safety lock – There should be safety lock and it Lock the shredder even when plugged in.

Safety sensor – Electronic touch sensors should be present around the paper entry so it  detects when hands or fingers touch the opening. The shredder should immediately shuts off, otherwise it may harm you.

Second, Carton capacity

The carton capacity directly determines how much shredder files are stored in the shredder. The smaller the capacity,  then price will be less and vice versa.

Third, the paper inlet

Shredder paper feed is basically A4 Paper size to design, if your organization using A3 paper then you need to fold paper and then give to shredder.

Forth, auto feed  or Manual feed shredder

Just like name itself implies , a manual feed shredder needs to be fed manually.and it is fine for small pile of paper but what if you have so many document to shred?

You need to buy Auto feed shredder, it not only do more fast and efficient  work but also save one man time… and work automatically.


Fifth, the processing object

Some enterprise shredders are not only used to shred paper, but also to break discs, floppy disks, etc.The actual situation has been chosen, and the price of such machines is relatively high.

Sixth, working noise

When the shredder is working, the resonance of the surrounding components is caused by the rotation of the motor. Often produced Noise,In sharp contrast to the quiet office environment, So when you buy, the shredder Also must not be ignored.

It is recommended to use a shredder brand with low working noise.

So before buying any shredders, you should check amazon review and when you find confidence of any shredders  for your organization then only buy.

Purchase by shredder principle

In India, shredders are not widely used, only limited to government and other IT departments, so shredders are still very strange to us now.

Currently, increased business competition, The handling of daily data has become cautious, the only way to go directly into the shredded paper formula,

I am afraid that it will be recycled by competitors. And discover the major commercial machines from the clues in the file.

So the shredder was born, office equipment designed to handle abandoned documents.

First of all, I will tell you about the nature of the shredder:

shredder structure and working principle

Shredder has two main components “Paper cutter” with “electric motor” Between the belt and the gear Tightly connected together, the motor drives the belt and gear to transfer energy to the paper cutter. The paper cutter is used to cut the paper with a sharp metal corner. 2How can we protect the tools and motors.


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