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Some Genuine Methods to Earn Cryptocurrency

With how things have developed over the years, it would not come as a surprise to see the age where currency is not merely physical but also virtual. This form of money is called cryptocurrency which means that it can be transformed in a virtual form and transferred through technology from one account to another. The concerns that come as a by-product are its regarding the safety of this method. How can one transfer cryptocurrency from one place to another without having it robbed, stolen or hacked by technology experts. As far as the idea is concerned, it all sounds extremely doubtful. The questions is raises are mostly regarding the authenticity of this form of money and then once confirmed of that, how is it going to work.

The answers to these questions are simple. Like one keeps money in the bank, there are websites – highly secured – that promise safe transfer of the money from one place to another. The process of keeping the money is highly transparent. The transparency is what makes it highly secured and free from hackers. There are several methods through which money transference and saving is done in safe and secured manner. For example, Blockchain Technology enabled keepers of cryptocurrency transfer money from one place to another in the transparent method that was visible to everyone interested or concerned about the money.

When we speak of cryptocurrency, we don’t just mean money that has the same worth as any other currency – this form of money has much more worth than a dollar. Now, different currencies comprise of different worth at different times.

Here is the list of e-currencies used so far:

  • Zcash

Price: $135.94

  • Ethereum

Price: $277.46

  • Ripple

Price: $0.32

  • Bitcoin Cash

Price: $527.78

  • Cardano

Price: $0.10

  • Litecoin

Price: $57.37

  • NEM

Price: $0.10

  • Stellar

Price: $0.21

  • NEO

Price: $18.32

  • IOTA

Price: $0.58

  • Dash

Price: $146.49

  • Monero

Price: $95.65

  • Tron

Price: $0.02


In this article, we will mention a number of places you can earn Bitcoins from. These places are not only reliable but they are also good at paying the user. Following is the list of websites, you can easily earn cryptocurrency and have it transferred to your account.

Solve the Online Surveys

There are online places you can earn cryptocurrency from. These online places have the easiest and simplest methods of giving people chances at saving some extra cash through the internet. Here’s what you have to do:

We are sure that you have solved surveys, managed to solve easiest questions in short time, learn to understand things on objective level in order to be able to solve the questions. If you have done this ever in your life, you are in no trouble at all. You can do the same on a number of websites. These websites give you questionnaires that can easily be solved. All you need to have is a working internet and a bit your time to be able to solve the questionnaire. https://localcabledeals.com come with a good working internet. It means that if you get the internet service, you can also get the cable packages in discounted pricing.

The purpose of these surveys is to be able to learn why what happens, whatever happens. These online surveys are in simple web forms. These webforms that are stored as database keeps every answer that you have submitted. This data is then stored to collect information about what people think about certain issues. Once that is gained, the next step is to make content on the basis of the data received: infographics, posters, products etc. What else is more important than an insight into the mind of the customer?

Applications, Websites, and Online Ads

Another way to earn Bitcoins is by clicking on ads on websites and finding the best place where you can get it from. There are other websites that offer bonus programs through which one can earn bitcoins, other vouchers or offers. All one has to do is follow the steps that are being asked by the websites which may include downloading applications, trying out games or solving a simple questionnaire. Once you do one of the things asked by the website holders, they pay you back for giving them your time in cryptocurrency. Not just these, there are multiple other things asked by the websites, which may sound quite weird, as all they include is searching for a keyword on a search engine, and in return you earn a small sum of money.


You must have heard of the word freelancing, which roughly means earning money through the internet. Given the opportunity, in various forms, one can be able to earn bitcoin through this method. One can be employed, earn money without having to go to the office. This is all what online job is about. These jobs come in different forms and natures. You may be asked to edit, code, write, design, enter data, answer surveys, do research work – such work-from-home jobs. On the completion of these jobs, you can get bitcoins or other forms of money i.e. cryptocurrency.

Market the Product, Pocket a Bitcoin

One of the things people are trying out these days is offering service to a business by marketing the product in return of taking share in the bitcoin. There are several online startups that are seeking help in this area. There are some websites that are devoted in demanding and giving this specific service. The better you are at marketing skills, the more share you will get in the reward achieved from the customer. All you need to know are the basics to promote the product. These bitcoin affiliate program work by giving you a link to the website that is supposed to be promoted. This URL is linked to your account. Once you get the link, you will be requested to go ahead with the link and promote it, using your expertise. The more people purchase, the more revenue you receive.

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