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Spelling Stage Will Help Your Little Ones Learn Spelling & the Alphabet in the Fun Way

Whether your kid is the next spelling bee champion or just learning the ABCs, you can certainly use a spelling app on your iPhone to help your kid learn while keeping his interest through the process with many fun games and characters. Finding the right spelling app will help your kid learn to spell fast while enjoying hours of fun. So, we searched and we discovered one highly helpful app that offers all these features in one. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this app about?

This is one highly entertaining educational app that offers its users to easily learn to spell properly while letting them compete in fun contests and winning awards for their spelling skills. The app is developed on IOS platform as one practical tool that is easy to use and suitable for all people over the age of 4, allowing them to have hours of fun with challenging spelling sessions. With this app, users can learn to spell, play with friends and family, competing and enjoying the cool and fun narration with amazing characters.

Why do we choose it?

The Spelling Stage as an cool spelling app is offering users to play in three unique competitions from kindergarten to the national champions. With this app, users are able to learn properly, getting the spelling world in one unique and fun way. On the app, users are allowed to join contest from the whole world, collect wardrobe awards for their right spelling and have the option to customize their character on the app by their own preference. They can even use their own photo for the customization. On the app is included a feature for 3D touch that offers users to launch multiple characters which can help them beat the clock when they are competing and spelling.

The users that will join this community can start to create and share their own contest, to learn and help others with publishing the creations they’ve made. The app is allowing users to send challenges to their friends and family, to show them their stage look and competing with people in the contests. Also, this app is a great choice for ESL students. Users with the help of this app can learn to spell without much effort while having endless fun of playing and competing. The learning process is engaging, fun and yet challenging.

Download this app now on App Store for free.

App Store Download Link: Spelling Stage

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