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How we can Stop Comment Spam on Your WordPress

How we can Stop Comment Spam on Your WordPress

WordPress is the way and a source of building the business anywhere into the world. As excited and feel valued and then see actually comment and as a sign that people actually reading and then also are assessing the blog. Building up site with the complete perfection and need to manage functions to solve the ranking issues and it will be the way for success.

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Spam comments are a great way into the field and prevent spam comments and bloggers end up taking and then strict measurement as requiring people to get register of have each person enter captcha. Spam preventing and prevention controls as captchas, match quiz and registration makes it quite difficult for the regular visitors to comment and feedback.

Effects of Comment Spam on Site

Now Google will rank as lower and results and then the senses as are having bad kind of links and then the site so then will give the negative impression to the users and notice are as overlooking the moderation and maintenance of the site or the blog. It will attract the readers and audience regarding to the way of and as getting the comments on the WordPress will be prevented.

Symbols of the Comment Spamming

Any of the comment is made with the keywords into the name field is question mark and then the comment is exactly too all over the place risky. The comment contains irrelevant or having too many links will not good. The comment is made with the fake email address should not post on the site. Some of the comment is actually self promotional and then the unrelated to blog post.

Simples Ways to Stop Comment Spamming

Using captcha,

We can easily stop the spam commenting due there will we have comment only from the real persons not the robots.

Activating the Akismet

The best tool as Akismet comes as pre installed right with the installations of WordPress and required to be to activate the plugin and then get API code or the key.

The Ban Spammers by IP Address

Most of the time spammers can be denied as access to the blog which is based on the IP or with the any other related thing.

Disabling the Trackbacks Tool

As trackbacks from the other blogs and then appear on the time and they link to the posts can be bad and disabled.

Turnoff Comments on Old Posts

Another big way for us to disable the comments and stop spamming you can block or stop commenting on the old posts.

Holding Comments for Moderations

If you can manually approve the comments then it will be good and if the blog actually not receive too many good and natural comments.

Disable Them Completely

Any of the thing can only allow complete registered users to get leave their comments and will be as the good thing in all the matters to get them as solve. Even with the other spammy efforts will be prevented completely.


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