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Studying & Passing The Cisco ICND1 100-105 Certification Exam

The world is moving and so as our modern day technology. More and more inventions and innovations are continually going on, and that’s why achievement of one degree is not sufficient today for entering in a big job. A candidate needs to have something extra that will make him/her stand out from the crowd.

Certifications are one of the modes to earn that extra factor. Different Cisco Certifications are meant for judging one’s knowledge and skills in the networking domain. If you are also interested in grabbing a dream job in this domain, then you should think about achieving Cisco Certifications, and when it comes to the question of earning of a prominent certification, an exam is a primary criterion.

You might have heard the term of ‘CCNA’ many times especially if you are from the Information Technology (IT) domain. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, and the CCNA Certification is considered as one the topmost certifications offered by Cisco. Its achievement can be challenging for the newcomers belonged to Cisco networking domain. You will be glad to know that Cisco has one another very important Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification- ICND1.

What is ICND1 Exam?

ICND1 stands for Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician. The journey of ICND1 has started its journey in the year 2007, and it’s the entry-level test for CCNA certification. It provides excellent coverage to those concepts that a newcomer technician is expected to be well-familiar with. Such fundamental concepts include fundamentals of DNS, routing, OSI model, and configuration of the router.

ICND1 certification has an only requirement- 100-105 ICND1 exam. You have to be prepared for this exam in case you want to appear for ICND1 Exam. 100-105exam is a test of 90 minutes, consisting of 50 to 60 questions.

Cisco 100-105 Examcomprises of many concepts, and it plays a significant role in times of hiring procedure. If you are a junior network administrator, then you should take this test to show your fundamental knowledge of networking.

Comparison of ICND1 and CCNARouting & Switching

A candidate can get his/her CCNA Routing & Switching certification by one of the two approaches:

One Test: Candidates can take the https://www.examsnap.com/100-105-dumps.html , and it’s a single Exam that contains both of the segments involved with ICND course material.

Two Tests: Candidates can also take two tests, namely 100-105 and 200-105. The candidates, who would get success in 100-105 Exam, will achieve ICND1 and by getting success 200-105 Exam, candidates would earn both of the CCNA Routing & Switching and ICND1 certifications.

Why should you achieve Cisco 100-105 (ICND1) Certification?

If you have already earned a Cisco certification, then you don’t need to read this section. However, in case you haven’t achieved any, you should start your journey from ICND1, and its key reasons are as follows:

By ICND1, you can display your networking skills and knowledge in the best possible way. If you have earned a Cisco certification, it will signify that you have a firm grip over the domain of networking.

Computing has been possible for the sake of networks, and thus the world has become a connected place. Hence, it’s very significant to start your career by earning a certification, relevant to any IT task. Thus, you can expect to grab your dream job.

You can earn ICND1 certification by achieving success in one exam only. It will significantly improve your confidence, as only one exam is associated with this certification. Thus, you will get the courage to sit for CCNP certification.

Professional certification will be helpful for you in getting credentials for your skills and knowledge. Thus, you can easily stand out from the crowd by displaying your expertise and skills in the networking domain. You can also expect a bonus reputation in your office after earning your certificate.

You already know that ICND1 Exam is an entry-level test for the CCNA, however, getting success in the CCNA Exam is not very easy, but you don’t need to worry at all. It would be easier for you in taking two smaller Exams, and their preparation strategy is also not very difficult. Achieving success in the ICND1 Exam means you have crossed half path in the achievement of CCNA.

What does the Cisco 100-105 (ICND1) Exam assess?

The Cisco 100-105 Exam assesses the skills and knowledge of aspirants in different concepts of networking. The ICND1 certification allows the candidates to show their skills to achieve entry-level positions in the domain of networking. It plays the role of the initial point to move towards the dream job of such candidates.

Professionals, who have achieved ICND1 certificate, hold sound knowledge and excellent skills in installing, running, and troubleshoot essential network activities (like fundamental network security).

It acts as a gateway for a student towards his/her bright future in networking. Achievement of ICND1 certification signifies that you are capable of operating a small network. However, the ICND1 certification does not need any prerequisites.

What is the Pattern of Cisco 100-105 Exam?

The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Exam analyzes many concepts from IPv4 addressing, fundamentals of device hardening, troubleshooting, DHCP, port security, and so on. Undoubtedly, it’s a long list, as this exam features approximately 55 questions.

How to take the Preparation?

Different exams require different approaches to preparation, and it goes well with the ICND1 Exam. You have to cover every topic that is prescribed for this specific exam.

It’s imperative to find out the correct study materials for moving towards the right track of preparation. You can take help from experts or from those professionals, who have already succeeded in the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician.

The Final Thought

You should appear for the ICND1 Exam if and only if you want to earn the CCNA certificate and if you want to prove your skills and knowledge in the domain of the computer networking.

You have to invest of $150 for this exam. You can avail the training facility although it’s not mandatory to boost your preparation. The validity of the ICND1 certifications is three years. It will act as a gateway to achieving your dream job in the field of networking.


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