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The Best 10 Trends in Video Marketing

If you are a businessperson, then the chances are probably high that you have heard about the marketing trends in video. Los Angeles post production companies provide some of the best video marketing strategies and guide you through the video marketing trends to ensure you maximize on video marketing for your business.

If anything, video marketing has taken the business industry by storm and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. And the evidence is apparent in the many forms and trends video marketing has taken over the years. The transformation of video marketing has been phenomenal.

All the more reason to have the best post-production video production companies working to get you their best work. The day you’ll try visualization as a marketing strategy is the day you will notice how much your business will skyrocket. Don’t believe me? Simply close your eyes and imagine the number of videos that are currently circulating the internet at the moment.

All the smart people and businesses have already taken to video marketing as the next big thing in marketing. To put things into more perspective, studies by Cisco trend predictions believe that by 2020, it could take you a full two years to go through all the videos on the internet in that one moment.

All that said, check out these video marketing trends. They should be enough to convince you

  1. Live video

Also, live streaming. Today, you find that no less than 13 of all web traffic from videos come directly from live videos. Over the years, this video marketing trend has taken more strength and shown its possibilities. Even the Los Angeles post production companies use this strategy when shooting the marketing videos of their clients. There’s a lot to live streaming than people actually realize. For one, it is way more economical than most of the other video marketing strategies. Live streaming doesn’t also require you to invest in any serious editing phases. Also, when the video shoot or broadcast ends, you can still share it with other people and websites as it stays on your webpage.

  1. Video is part of the conversion funnel

Numerous studies about using video as a marketing strategy have already proved that content marketing makes users and potential clients move along conversion funnel much quicker. Before you know it, they are down to the conversion stage itself. The only issue is that many businesses still tend to ignore video formats when thinking about video content.

  1. Video and e-learning

Yes! The benefits of using videos don’t just end in its potential to be the best marketing tool. Videos are also an excellent source for transmitting information for like training your employees. Aside from this, you can also create monetized content that is educative and highly lucrative at the same time. Many business firms reap off of this strategy big-time.

  1. Mobile video and social media are one

Many Los Angeles post production companies work to integrate your business marketing videos to mobile and social media as well. At this age of technology, if you have not yet learned this secret, then you are seriously lagging. Mobile and social media are the two primary reasons why video is winning big-time in the marketing and advertisement business. The number of videography forms also keep increasing by the day. And this also adds to the overall experience you can enjoy and share with your clients. Check out the marketing 3360 degrees videos that are taking the marketing industry by storm today.

  1. Video is everywhere

When it comes to video dispersion, it is worth thinking outside the box. By now, you must already know that YouTube is king when thinking of the social network of videos. Aside from YouTube, video is also becoming more of a vital marketing strategy and element on Facebook. The same is also true for Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Verizon, etc. The list is practically endless.

  1. Video first

Studies also reveal they today, consumers not only want to watch and consume videos, but they also want to produce them. And that is how the world of social media and other business webpages transform from text to video. As this happens, social media and other relevant media make it increasingly easier for users to consume and broadcast video. And here is where you and your business want to be. In the middle of all this drama.

  1. Square-shaped videos are now a thing

Video formats are ever-changing. And many Los Angeles post production companies and businesses know this. The ever-changing aspects of video formats also work to change how people perceive and shoot videos. If anything, you have no option but to be more productive and creative with your work. That’s why the most intermediate solution you can adapt in your video marketing strategy as of now is videos in the square format. If anything, it is now becoming more and more successful.

  1. Cost reduction

As time goes by, video recording and production keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. More and more high-quality tools for shooting the best high-quality videos are available for you to use. Take your mobile phone, for example, which is the most apparent video production and recording tool to use. Smartphones come fully equipped with microphones and editing programs that require little to no video shooting talent.

  1. Paid and sponsored videos

Video ads also help provide many businesses with the opportunity to launch paid advertising campaigns. Most of the video ads that businesses use across social media platforms and other online media work perfectly to multiply conversions. You can also always partner with influencers and YouTube to give your marketing a boost as well.

  1. Video content give your brand authenticity

Live videos, especially, can work magic when it comes to increasing your user confidence in your brand. If anything, videos make it easier for clients and potential users of your products and services to know who is behind the videos. This is the main reason why videos work wonders in helping with your customer loyalty.

Final thoughts

Video marketing is undoubtedly the next best thing in the world of business marketing. And Los Angeles post-production companies ensure that you get the very best of digital advertising. Don’t get left behind. Keep up with the trend and see your conversions skyrocket as well.

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