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Things to Know Before You Go for Ghost-hunting

According to research firm Ipsos, 46 percent of Americans believe in ghosts. Experts say that the sixth sense is not always just the hallucinations of sick people. As the world media reported, amid the first wave of COVID-19, the village of Kepuh on the island of Java was occupied by ghosts in white robes. Ghosthunters are on the rise around the world to solve mystery cases and rescue haunted places. However, before you embark on your ghost hunting journey, you must know some essential things and pro tips.

It’s been a few days now that you have been hearing that rattling and crackling in your house, and you have finally managed to calm that shiver of anguish that you take through the night. We are proud of you. Now is the time to take a look at how you plan your hunt; these ghosts don’t chase each other on their own, and poor scared people are counting on you! To prevent fear from surpassing finesse, today we offer you some tips to drastically improve your ghost hunting skills.

Find the Ghost First

The first thing to do is to find where the ghost is in the haunted place. However, just wandering around, hoping to see things happening can quickly waste your time. If you want to find your ghost quickly, make sure you have the right reflexes. Each person in your team must equip themselves as a priority with an EMF detector and a thermometer to comb through the rooms in the chosen place while remaining alert on the slightest evidence of activity. A light that comes on, a door that slams, a phone that rings – the important thing in the first step is really to limit yourself to finding the haunted room. Make sure you bring there the ghost hunting equipment you will need to determine its nature. You need impeccable concentration!

Victim Selection

Now that we identified the ghosts, it’s time to look for a ghost with a good biography. The hunt will be much more interesting. It does not matter how his life began – it is only essential to know how it ended. If a person fell out of a chair and broke his neck, this is an evil ghost. If he fell with a chair from the tenth floor and died from fright, this is much better.

The Actual Hunt

Few people know that you can suck in a ghost with an ordinary vacuum cleaner and then set fire to the vacuum cleaner. The poor ghost will evaporate to a dry, crispy silhouette. Roll it into a rug and carry it home to hang on the wall.

We can catch the ghost by painting a secret sign on it. You will have to calculate the secret sign yourself because it will no longer be a secret if we share it with you. Use diplomacy, and trap a ghost with false promises. However, in this case, it is essential to know what exactly interests this ghost.

Why would professionals want to catch ghosts? Of course, to study them. Here are some tips that hunting scientists might find useful:

  1. If the hunt has begun and you haven’t seen the ghost yet, don’t worry. The ghost, like a beast, reacts to human fear. If you are afraid of him, this is the best bait, but you become a victim. It would be best if you lured the ghost in another way. The best thing is to wait.
  2. If you managed to lure the ghost, he is most likely not afraid of you yet. Then you can speak to him in his language. Correct, this may not work if the ghost was dumb during life. Then only sign language will save you.

If the ghost is not afraid of you but is ready to chase you, you chose the wrong prey. The only thing you can do now is to be afraid. After that, the instinct of self-preservation will help you.

Arm Yourself with Equipment

We do not think about it directly during the first stages. Still, the tools at your disposal can be in the rooms and not always in your hand. If you place them in strategic locations while they are on, they will continue to function. Do not hesitate to go back and forth to come and put EMF detectors and UV lamps here and there in the targeted room. It will help you to be sure to capture the slightest movement of your ghost. 

A Touch of Salt

Salt is probably one of the essential pieces of equipment since it’s the only one that gives you a real, accurate indication of the ghost’s movements. We recommend that you place it in key places, such as doorways or the top of a staircase, to use it effectively. You can even place UV lamps in front of the salt pile so you can immediately see the ghost’s footsteps.

Stay Together During Attacks

As you already know, ghosts can go into the attack phase. And at this point, one is always tempted to find a hiding place immediately. But some of the most important appearances also happen during these phases, so you still have to try to observe something. Therefore, it is better to stay together with your team, even if it means sacrificing one of your comrades. You must understand that this is for the good of science. You can also have one of you scout and bugger the ghost while the others watch the action with the cameras. It all depends on your style and the appearance you are facing.

Converse Humbly

The ability to speak directly to the ghost is one of the most gripping features of ghost hunting. If it does not necessarily work every time initially, we quickly identify the key phrases that always work. On the other hand, we will advise you not to use the apparition name right away. It’s because ghosts don’t like it and will directly annoy you if you use it in vain. If you do this too early, you risk blocking your progress more than anything else since Djinns will tend to lock themselves up afterward. Not to mention, of course, the Onis/Ogres who may come to attack you. Be sure you have a plan before you call the ghost, and don’t put their name in your questions.

Know Your Terrain

It’s tempting to focus on the ghost, but as soon as it goes on the attack, you could find yourself in great trouble; you can’t run for your life after all! So, don’t forget to jot down every corner of the house in your head and always know precisely which hiding place is available closest to you. Otherwise, death is certain. It also applies to the terrain’s composition: some ghosts can, after all, be feigned simply with a long piece of well-placed furniture. They will chase you around without ever reaching you until they calm down.


Catching ghosts is a responsible and challenging process. Many people have been doing this for decades but still haven’t figured out how to do it right. We have shared some essential knowledge with you in this article. It would help if you had excellent preparations before you start your ghost hunting missions. Make sure you have the escape plan, information, and equipment ready before you go in. A ghost is hard to find these days. If you are a beginner, do not catch ghosts yourself. Always consult a specialist. Research in advance, and you will know who to call.