Social media platforms have become an integral part of our everyday life. They are literally on our fingertips all the time. From WhatsApp to Snapchat we all have these apps installed in our cell phones and we won’t hesitate to spend hours using them. 

However lately there has been a rise in video sharing apps TikTok particularly- which is now stated as a rival of Instagram.

TikTok vs Instagram has become the favourite millennial debate. In this post, we will compare both the apps on various grounds such as the number of followers to see who wins the social media in 2020.

Rise in TikTok downloads during the pandemic

The lockdown seems to act as a catalyst for TikTok because in March 2020 it became the most downloaded non-game app. There were around 115.2 million downloads during March 2020. However, there were only 111.5 million Instagram downloads in a quarter in 2019. 

Well, known brands like Mucinex, GymShark, Chipotle and Walmart have marketed tremendously on TikTok via various sponsored hashtag challenges.

Number of followers: TikTok vs Instagram

TikTok is still not able to beat Instagram in terms of followers. Instagram has been downloaded around 1.8 billion times. In 2019 Sensor Tower announced that TikTok has achieved 1.5 billion downloads. Indeed, Instagram is ahead of TikTok in terms of overall downloads however the new growth rate of TikTok is substantially much higher than that of Instagram’s. 

One of the reasons for this contrast in the new user growth rate is because TikTok is a newer app in the market as compared to Instagram which is around a decade old application. 

The new user growth of TikTok is continuously on the top and in March 2020 it became the world’s most downloaded non-gaming application with approximately 113 million downloads. 

Platform demographics of TikTok and Instagram

The influencer market of Instagram is estimated to be around $1.7 billion. In 2020 Instagram had around half a million sponsored posts. 89% of marketers consider Instagram to be the most important platform for influencer marketing. However, TikTok has gained popularity very quickly and has become one of the rising social media platforms for influencers.

The estimated valuation of Instagram is approximately $20 billion. Instagram has earned around 113 times more revenue as compared to TikTok. 

The demographics of both apps differ in terms of geography. For Instance, amongst the 1.8 billion users of Instagram 12% of them are from the United States. However, countries like Brazil and India are the top two countries when it comes to most TikTok downloads. 

The gender distribution of rival apps is also quite different. TikTok has the female to the male representation of 44.4% and 55.6% respectively. In contrast, Instagram has a higher percentage of female users as compared to male users. Instagram’s users comprise 65% of the female users and 35% of the male users.

Features of both the platforms 

One of the main reasons why TikTok has gained popularity is the ease of using it. TikTok has become a known name when it comes to short-form video applications. 

The decade-old app Instagram has seen numerous transformations from being photo-focused to stories and then to IGTV. It is one of the leading platforms for brand social engagement.

Both the apps have some features that are similar but they also have many distinct features.

TikTok doesn’t have a long video feature as of yet. The video limit on TikTok is 15 seconds with the looping ability of 60 seconds. Instagram on the other hand allows the users to make IGTV videos for up to an hour.

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The final verdict

All of the comparisons mentioned earlier indicates that TikTok is gaining more attention from the top users lately as compared to its rival- Instagram. This rising trend of new user growth of TikTok is and will impact the influencer market of Instagram which accounts for around $1.7 billion.

As influencers and users are emerging on TikTok, marketers are determining channels (TikTok or Instagram or both) that will suit their marketing needs. If you would like to boost your Instagram followers, you can buy Instagram followers  securely and easily. 

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