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Tips For An Explosive Increase Of Traffic To Your Sites

Tips For An Explosive Increase Of Traffic To Your Sites

We are officially transiting through the era of digital transformation, and without exception all businesses that compete with other businesses need to stand out with a strong digital presence.  To have a commanding digital presence it is important that websites attract maximum traffic, and ensure that bounce rate are less zoom high up on the ranking ladder. Without high rankings, businesses run the risk of being out of view when a prospect searches for particular services, products. Here are a few incredible offerings that can help site to achieve high levels of traffic and preferred behavior on site.

The importance of keeping bounce rates as low as possible

One of the important factors that drive rankings is the time spent on site by a visitor. For instance, if there are thousands of visitors visiting a site, but leaving the site within the first few seconds, then rankings are bound to slip. It is therefore important to ensure that visitors to the site remain on site, for as much time as possible, and stay engaged through preferred actions on the site. Not only is it important to increase traffic, it is also important to keep the visitors on site.

Getting visitors to click on CTAs

The call to action button is one of the more important links in a website. It actually takes visitors to the next level of engagement and brings the prospects closer to the status of a client. It is therefore important to ensure that visitors get to click on the CTAs, by offering attractive options, deals and discounts. For instance, a visitor who is offered a big discount if he clicks on the link within a fixed time frame to avail a service, is highly likely to choose the service and click on the CTA. This needs to be the strategy of websites, which is actually put into practice by the featured site on behalf of clients.

Conversions and micro conversions are key to client acquisition

It is important to understand that not all prospects will directly convert and become a customer. The road to client acquisition involves conversions and micro conversions. For instance, it would be a good idea to end user client to sign up for a particular feature, newsletter, an offer, a survey, free services for a limited period of time. This will build engagement and could be a stepping stone for getting the prospect to become a full fledged client. The possibility of a person using a free service migrating to a fully paid service is actually high, depending on the quality of the free service offered. The featured site, helps websites to acquire clients by converting prospects through a series of micro conversions.

Leveraging technology for maximum benefits

 The site featured here, makes full use of technology to offer clients unmatched service. For instance, by choosing the features of automation it is possible to drive traffic from specific regions of the world to the site. This is of great importance to sites who wish to establish a stronger presence in specific regions. Internet users are tech savvy, and individuals looking for particular services, products in a specified area are more likely to opt for a service that has attracted the largest traffic from that area. Search engines will also display results as per locations depending on the search launched by an internet user.

The age of mobile search

All statistics show that the number of searches launched from mobile devices are growing and in fact more than the number of searches launched from other devices. The featured site, helps websites to attract the right kind of visitors based on the devices used. For instance if a site offers services that are more likely to be used by clients having mobile devices, it is possible to attract this segment of visitors to the site. This will ensure that the conversion rate of visitors will be on the higher side – meaning that the quality of leads would be better.

The featured site has a proven track record of helping websites to boost traffic, improve time spent on sites, reduce bounce rates and help bring sharper focus to the segment of clients who are more likely to use this service.


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