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Tips to Make an Interactive PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat

The PDF reader is a free and interactive platform to solve accessibility problems. With the help of adobe acrobat, you can create an interactive form.  You will need an adobe acrobat instead of a PDF reader. Here are some simple steps to build interactive forms with Adobe.

Launch Adobe acrobat hit on “tools” and then “advanced editing.” You will see “forms toolbar” in a drop-down menu.

Tips to Make an Interactive PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat

Hit on the forms toolbar and see one toolbox like this:

Tips to Make an Interactive PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat

You will work on text fields and modify sample text. You have to initiate with different text fields on the top of the form. Select the tool of a text field in a toolbox and draw one box in a designated space where you want to enter information of users. If text boxes have similar names, the data may be linked together, and information will be typed in a box. You must change the name of the box and choose fields of a specific text by selecting the desired option. You can’t submit a form until you complete its all fields.

A tooltip is essential to use while concentrating on usability. It allows you to explain more actions that you need your user to perform.

In the next step, you have to add a radio button and make these buttons active. With this button, users can accept one choice only, and they can’t have various choices with this tab.

Choose a radio button in a toolbox and draw one button over an allotted space in PDF document. In the absence of this space, you will create an image button in Acrobat. Double click “yes” to your created “yes” button. You will see the similar screen:

In case, you already have these buttons in the document; you will get a chance to choose a border and ill it to none. If you don’t have these buttons, you may see essential options to improve the look of a radio button.

Options tab allows you to choose the style of button that means, fill type and shape. You must consider the tooltip of each button to enhance the usability of your forms.

You must choose a trigger from action tap. It is essential to add comment boxes. These boxes are similar to text boxes. To write something in boxes, you have to double-click them.

You must select multi-line for your text instead of scrolling long text. The multi-line makes it easy for users to continue typing and automatically move to next lines.

You may not need a reset button, especially if you want to use this form once.  If you are going to use a form for multiple times, you can choose a reset button.

Finally, you can add email button or submit button. The user can create one email and save this form. It allows you to send an email to the right person.

If you find it complicated to design a form in adobe acrobat, you can choose sodapdf to develop interactive forms. This tool is convenient and efficient for every business organization.

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