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Use These 6 Tips to Upgrade Your Blog Now, or You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Blog content has been and will continue to be, one of the most powerful forms of online content. This is true if you are a content marketer trying to monetize, a small business owner trying to attract new customers, or are just trying to establish yourself as an influencer in a specific niche.

With the sheer amount of competition there is out there, your blog can’t just be excellent, it has to be the best it can be. Anything less and your hard work is going to get lost in a sea of similar content, getting tons of impressions but no engagement. The following six bits of advice could mean the difference between a blog that puts your name (or that of your brand) on the map and one that exists alongside better-plotted and executed content.

Just Do it

Whether the blog is already established or still in planning stages, it’s time to come up with a plan, brainstorm some ideas and start writing. If your blog is being underutilized, it’s time to start posting new content regularly. This is the easiest way to start getting the attention of the search engines and improve rankings.

Be Your Own Quality Control Team

Crunch your numbers regularly and be prepared to make the changes necessary to attract a bigger audience. This means continually researching keywords, experimenting with headlines and themes, and creating ads or promotional content that maintains high levels of congruity with the target content. If your writing is lacking, utilize the help of a copywriting or freelance writing platform that offers assistance with every step of the writing process.

Cater To A Mobile Audience

This doesn’t have as much to do with what you write as it does with how the content is presented. Choose a blogging platform that offers the option of responsiveness and use it. It’s the matter of a single click on most platforms. Responsive pages are easily viewed from any device, desktop or mobile. Your mobile audience is most crucial to making the experience of interacting with your blog as good for them as possible. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Use easily-navigable forms with large fields and buttons
  • Don’t inundate with ads
  • Check outbound links for responsiveness
  • Use mobile-friendly formats for multimedia
  • Enable and encourage comments
  • Display social media buttons prominently and make them easy to use

Write Stuff You Would Want to Read

While it is important to remember that you are writing content for a specific audience, be sure that what you write is attractive enough and intelligent enough to hold your attention if you were on the consumer end of the transaction. The better the quality, the more authority, and influence it will have.

Utilize High-Quality, Compelling Visuals

Choose visual content carefully. Custom visuals are always the best option, but they cost money. If the money isn’t there just yet, make a much smaller investment in a good stock image and video service and choose imaging that hasn’t been overused or is too familiar. The goal here is to stop people from scrolling and pay attention, so use visuals that capture reader interest.

Don’t Get Lazy

Consistency is key to success: consistency in publishing intervals, social engagement, and promotion. Be sure always to have a few posts on deck to account for unexpected interruptions in workflow. Be a presence on all your social media platforms (it’s what influencers do) and be smart about how you promote your blog.

Remember, Some of the most prominent bloggers out there already know and are doing all of these things. Their success is a testimony to how significant paying attention to the right details is. Which of the above tips are you implementing right now? Which ones are you neglecting? The answers to those questions are worth examining if your goal is to be a long-term success.

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