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Top 5 Nutrition Tracking Apps

Nutrition tracking is an essential part of eating healthy. A number of nutrition tracking apps have been introduced to the smartphone world which makes healthy living easier and fun. With the addition of new features, these nutrition apps have attained a multi-purpose status in the life of a health enthusiast. From tracking of micro and macro nutrients to ensuring that you drink an adequate amount of water every day, these nutrition apps offer you an opportunity to fulfill your health and fitness goals. Here is a quick list of top 5 best nutrition apps which can help you in making healthy use of the food resources at hand:

1.  Fitocracy Macros:

Macro trackers all over the world love Fitocracy Macros. This app tracks your daily intake and sets goals of macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and calories. You can set customized goals for rest and workout days as well as access your nutrient history to log into a healthy nutrient uptake regime. A quick glance at graphic summary featured by Fitocracy Macros is all you need to determine how many macro-nutrients you have taken or need to take daily.

2.  MyNetDiary:

Perfect for people who are willing to lose weight, MyNetDiary is your smart assistant which not only offers you customized weight loss plan but also analyzes your progress. Before offering a weight loss advice, the app asks for your current body weight statistics. You can add a snapshot of your most important ingredients such as sodium, calories or fat as a customization on your smartphone’s home screen. MyNetDiary also assesses your lab results, weight loss goals, body measurements and associated symptoms to assess your progress.

3.  Waterlogged:

Waterlogged is the best-rated nutrition app for tracking of your daily water intake. No matter how much water you think you are having, chances are it is highly insufficient to meet your body needs. The waterlogged app asks for only a couple of minutes to log your water intake. Simply take a picture of your glass before sipping water to have a catalog of your preferred glasses and water bottles. Obtain graphical water tracking and get reminders for drinking sufficient amounts of water through Waterlogged.

4.  MyFitnessPal:

Being one of the favorite nutrition apps for health enthusiasts, MyFitnessPall lets you evaluate the major and minor components of your food. By saving your favorite foods, this app saves you the time and effort of searching it over and over again. By having a large food database, MyFitnessPal not only lets you know about the nutrition of your food but also lets you discover new and healthy recipes. With this app, you don’t need a Nutritionist’s degree to calculate your daily intake of calories.

5.  Nutrients:

From offering you a big-picture breakdown of the major food constituents such as fat and calories to tracking the presence of mineral and vitamin percentages, Nutrients helps you keep a close eye on the nutritional value of your servings. You can evaluate just about any kind of food for the presence of calories and mineral percentages by using Nutrients. Discover new healthy foods which best fit your nutrition goals as well as determine the size of your servings to meet your health goals effectively.

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