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Top 5 Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a worthy designation in the field of business. A business analyst has multiple responsibilities and roles to play. This particular designation has a huge demand in the field of technology and business. In fact, a large number of business analyst jobs in San Francisco are open to all candidates with excellent knowledge in tech and business.

If you want to build your career in the business analyst domain, then you should have a strong technical or a business background.

If you are keen on knowing what are the responsibilities of a business analyst then you have come to the right page. We will give you an insight into what are the top 5 responsibilities of a Business analyst.

Roles of a Business Analyst-

Before we begin with the responsibilities, let us talk about the role of a business analyst. A business analyst would be able to fit into the role of an intermediator, connecter and it proceeds to several other roles as well.

However, the predominant role consists of assembling new ideas, resources and implementing them to the system. This means the role of a business analyst is to make sure that everything is functioning in a proper way.

Business analysis is considered to be the core procedure of a business. The analyst needs to interact with the various departments such as marketing head, sales force, production, accounting, human resource and so on.

As a business analyst, you need to keep a track on the latest trends and techniques in order to survive in this competitive world of economy.

Top 5 responsibilities of a business analyst-

  1. Understanding the requirement-

Talking about the responsibilities of a business analyst, this one comes at first. The primary responsibility of a business analyst is to interact with the stake holders in order to have a better understanding about their requirements and then discuss it with the project developers. As a business analyst you need to amass all the requirements of your project from the business stake holders and work as a mediator between the stakeholders and the developers. Your job will include attending several meeting with the stake holders for this purpose.

  1. Public speaking and presentation-

For each and every business, business analysts are expected to be highly efficient in public speaking and presentation skills. As an analyst, your responsibility is to deliver and present presentations on the scenario of the business, designs, and as well as future prospect of the business. An impressive presentation by the analyst can be effective enough on the growth of the particular business. As a business analyst your job is to impress your client and stakeholders with the impressive presentations. If you think your speaking skills need to be improved, you can sign up for online coaching for public speaking.

  1. Working on the details-

Here comes the most important responsibility of a business analyst. A business analyst should have intricate details about the requirements of the project. As a BA, you should examine the requirements of the project and make sure that the other teams have the whole details. Here, the business analysts need to spend a lot of time in meeting with the stakeholders and the customers. The Business analysts are known to assemble the requirements and functional specifications which are accepted by the company and the developers for the implementation purpose.

  1. Functional and non-functional requirements-

This is one of the key responsibilities of a business analyst, he should be able to work on the functional as well as non-functional needs.  He should have a clear idea on what the project would offer ( functional) and how would the project work(non-functional).

  1. User Acceptance testing-

The business analysts make sure that product delivered by the company, fulfills the requirements of the user and is functioning well. So, user acceptance testing is one amongst the vital responsibilities of a business analyst.

To sum we can say that, if you are keen on working as a business analyst then make sure that you have a cbap certification from a good institution. It will broaden your career prospect in the field.

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