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Top colleges and universities to study real estate in the USA

Real estate graduates earn 4% more than other college graduates. The starting salary for the property market graduates is about $44,559, and by the mid of their career, they expect the salary to rise to about $76,593. Out of the 121 college majors whose expected salary potential was analyzed, the property market was ranked 40th. Despite the enticing salary offered to degrees holders in this sector, very few students are interested in joining a real estate college. The course was ranked 165th in popularity among the 384 college majors.

A career in the property market does not revolve around buying and selling property or mortgages only. It demands knowledge in banking, finance, market trends, mortgages, insurance, and the laws governing real estate in your area. This is a complex field, and if you choose to major in the course, you have to acquire a deep understanding of banking and finance, have effective communication and collaboration skills, and perfect your analytical thinking skills.

Online property market degree programs pay more attention to entrepreneurship and finance concepts, thus, preparing the students for practical tasks. Therefore, getting an online degree would be a significant step toward starting a career in the sector. During the 2008 Recession, the housing market was one of the hardest hit sectors, but it later stabilized. Since 2015 it has been soaring high. Graduates from real estate colleges are in high demand for their valuation, finance, and interpersonal skills.

Best Real Estate Colleges and Universities in the United States

Whether you are a student choosing a career or a real estate professional who would like to further his education, one of the key decisions you will need to make is on the choice of a good real estate college. The following list entails the best real estate colleges and universities ranked in order of quality.  The ranking was based on relevant factors such as accreditation, quality of education, and the average salary of graduates.

University of San Diego

If you are a property manager searching for the best real estate programs, the University of San Diego is the place to go. A degree holder from this college earns 4.3% more than a graduate with the same degree from other colleges. The institution is located in a major town which provides students with perfect opportunities for building an impressive social network.

You may be thinking that studying at the institution will cost you a fortune. Well, it would be worth it. However, if you have financial problems, do not let that be a hindrance from joining the campus. 68% of the students get sponsorship at the institution. In addition, 87% of first-year students always come back to pursue their second year.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers advanced degrees in real estate, and this makes it a perfect choice for real estate professionals who would like to further their careers. It is among the most prominent higher learning institutions in Pennsylvania. 54% of students obtain educational loans. Almost all students manage to pay back the loan as only 1% of the students have defaulted to pay. So, fill out the FAFSA as you join the university.

Southern Methodist University

The institution of higher learning is located in the suburban areas of Dallas, Texas. Graduates from the Southern Methodist University earn 23.6% more than other real estate graduates. If you have financial problems, you can still apply since 69% of students receive financial aid. Majority of the tutors at the institution are full-time. Therefore, students have more time to work with their lecturers.

University of Wisconsin- Madison

It is an ideal learning institution for students who love city life. This college is among the top choices for students who consider majoring in real estate. Real estate graduates from the University of Wisconsin- Madison earn approximately 10% more than typical real estate graduates. The college is located in Madison.

81.6% of the professors at the institution work full-time. Therefore, students have adequate time to work and interact with their tutors. The University of Wisconsin- Madison offers graduate programs as well.

University of Denver

The University of Denver is a college with real estate majors. Degree holders in the property market from the University of Denver earn 10.1% more than typical real estate graduates. The institution is strategically located in an urban area which gives students perfect opportunities to build their social networks and adventure.

The campus has a diverse student population as it attracts students from 46 states in the United States and 46 nations in the world. To the volleyball fans, the University of Denver has a high ranking women’s volleyball team.

New York University

On top of the undergraduate degrees in real estate, the University of New York offers graduate programs. The institution is strategically located in one of the major cities in the world. Thus, students have numerous opportunities for adventure and building impressive social networks.

Before joining, you should consider joining an ACT preparation class since the pass mark for the ACT is 30. New York University also offers graduate programs.

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

The college is strategically located in New York, making it an ideal institution for real estate students who cherish city life. Despite its location in a busy city, CUNY Bernard M Baruch College has a low crime rate. Degree holders from the CUNY Bernard M Baruch College get an annual starting salary of $43,035, and it increases to $79,495 by the mid of their career. For the basketball fans, the college has a powerful women’s basketball team you would love to be part of.

The University of St. Thomas Minnesota

The college is renowned for producing quality real estate graduates who earn 5.1% more than typical real estate graduates. It is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is an ideal choice for real estate students who cherish city life.

About 89.0% of first-year students report back to the college to pursue their second year. The institution only enrolls the best students. The average SAT score is 1.140.

Texas Christian University

The institution is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is an ideal choice for students who love an urban region. Credit Texas Christian University is among the top-ranked real estate colleges. Real estate graduates from this institution get a starting salary of $39,764 which increases to about $86,054 by the mid of their career. The institution offers graduate programs as well.90% of first-year students come back for their second year.

Marquette University

If you want to major in real estate, consider looking into Marquette University. It is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Therefore, it is an ideal university for students who love an urban lifestyle. The property market graduates from this college get a starting salary of $45,984 which increases to $76,439 by the mid of their career.

Marquette has a diverse student’s population which includes undergraduates from 42 states of the U.S. and at least 42 countries. A college is a perfect option for veterans as well as military members. Learn more about joining the university

University of Georgia

Established in 1912, the University of Georgia was among the first higher learning institutions to start real estate agent colleges, such as the Terry College of Business. The college is located in a conducive environment which supports academic as well as research endeavors. Terry College of Business features high-quality degree programs which have been ranked among the top twenty in the States.

Terry College of Business started offering real estate programs in the 1960s. The programs include BBA, MBA, and Ph.D. These programs are in high demand, and the college can only enroll a fraction of the applicants. The programs prepare students for the real-life job by helping them develop skills in problem-solving, adaptive and analytical thinking.

The curriculum entails both hands on as well as academic training. The students’ program is quite tight. Most of them have part-time jobs or families to take care of. You may be required to write an admission paper before joining the college. When that happens, getting professional help from Edu birdie.org will aid you to improve your chances of admission.

University of California

Berkeley is part of the University of California. Programs offered by the institution are recognized nationally and internationally. Students at the Berkeley enjoy the institution’s numerous resources, including a world-class library. The best real estate programs are offered in Berkeley at the Haas School of Business. There are certificates, undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D. real estate programs. Learning entails both academic as well as hands-on experience.


If your heart is in working in the real estate sector, you need to begin by joining the write college that offers a course in the field. Choose one of the above colleges, and you will be on your way to starting a career in this lucrative field.  If we have left out a university that you think offers great real estate courses, we would like to hear from you. You can leave a comment in the section below.

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