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Unbelievable and countless features of iOS 12 that will definitely blow your mind

Apple has already released public review of iOS 12; this means you can already try some of the features by updating your iPhone or iPad. Many new features have been added, while other are updated to give best experience to the users.

Some main features –

iPhone X gestures on iPad – There has been rumors that Apple will remove home button soon from all its devices and launch of iOS 12 will be proof further. So, if your iPad is running on iOS 12 you will notice that you are using same gestures as it is on iPhone X. You will be able to swipe from bottom of screen to bring home screen and for accessing control center all you need to do is show down from top right corner.

Measure App – With this app, you can easily get measurements of any thing or object that is near you. By tapping objects and dragging a line you will be able to see the measurements on right of screen. You can even extend measurements by taking edges and dragging down. Not only this, you will also get ability of tapping on photo and app will automatically detect measurements.

Group face time – This feature allows you to do video Call with up to 32 people. The speaking person will dominate display automatically, while other people on call will be represented on bottom of screen with small thumbnails. It even has fun features like hats and masks which you can place on head to add element in video chat. This feature is active in public beta so you must give it a try.

Siri shortcuts – New shortcut feature in iOS 12 public beta will allow third party apps to add new shortcuts to Siri. For example, user can create shortcut for lost keys so when you will say “I lost my keys” Siri will automatically locate your lost keys by opening Tile app. Developers will make shortcuts for their applications and users can even use shortcut apps which allow to track customized shortcuts of multiple apps. This is going to based on workflow app that was acquired by Apple last year and its possibilities are limitless.

ARKIT 2 – The main thing that you are going to see in iOS 12 features is Apple is trying to own conversation augmented reality by establishing iOS as leading platform. AR kit will make this possible and help users in experiencing unique world. For this purpose, the company will update its AR kit framework and give developers ability to share experience. This means two user using different iPhones can see and feel same thing when running same app on their device.

Stock app – In so many years, for the very first time Apple is all set to put real work in iPhone’s built-in stock app. It is also coming to iPad and will support stock prices hourly. Along with this, it will even include content from Apple news which will be relevant to current investments influencing market.


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