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Understanding Blockchain Internet Intelligence And Why You Should Choose It

As the internet developed it opened up a wide array of possibilities as well as improving a number of innovations along the way. In the beginning, it was simply a way of connecting a series of computers all over the world that would improve on the ability to exchange information. When the average person today thinks of blockchain technology they think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but it’s actually much more than that. Here we will take a look at blockchain internet intelligence and why you should choose it.

How Is The Internet Different From Blockchain Internet Intelligence?

Many of the most common internet technologies that we are familiar with such as Google and Facebook use applications that capture a range of data from its users. Because this data is not readily available elsewhere it’s considered rare and therefore valuable. Because all of this information is so valuable, these companies and others like them, invest a great deal of money in creating protocols that allow their platforms to silo this information in a productive way that the company then uses to profit.

In stark contradiction to the internet platform, blockchain technologies use shared information which means that it’s available to everyone and isn’t considered particularly valuable. This reduces the overall value of the information but it makes possible for tokens such as Bitcoin which is made scarce through speculation. Provided that these tokens grow in demand then their value will go up.

For the average person, it is sometimes difficult to fully understand the value and advantage of using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but they offer a number of advantages not only to individual users but also to large corporations and even financial institutions. The use of this technology reduces the amount of paper trail that is left with a transaction and it makes it considerably easier when transferring money across borders and for other financial actions such as securities trading.

Several major governments are looking into the technology to see if it may be a more efficient and secure way of managing records.  Because many of these records contain very sensitive information then it would be a great advantage to have a way to keep that information safe while also making the record-keeping process more efficient. In addition to the government, there are dozens of major financial institutions that are putting heavy investments in researching this technology and the advantages it may offer to their institutions.

What Is The Growth Expected For This Technology?

Because blockchain technology has so many potential applications it is expected to grow by well over 50% in just the next couple of years. With the participation of major governments and financial institutions along with corporations and banks, there is no question that every potential benefit of the technology will be explored to see how it can improve upon safety, the ability to transfer money back and forth across countries, and other very important tasks that will improve those types of transactions not only for corporations but also individuals.

How Blockchain Technology Use Goes Way Beyond Cryptocurrency

This technology will transform many areas of everyday life that goes way beyond the type of currency we use for transactions. In fact, it is leading the way to the development of artificial intelligence that will, in turn, make many things possible that aren’t currently. The joining of blockchain technology together with AI has led to the development of platforms that are designed to solve a number of different challenges.

  1. Connecting All Artificial Intelligence Around The World

As artificial intelligence grows in its capacity it’s one limitation is the fact that it cannot connect itself with other AI’s as a collective source of technology.  But together with blockchain technology, it means that AI units around the world will be able to communicate with one another and build a massive base of data and technology. The one concern with doing that would be if someone could then take over and control the entire world of artificial intelligence. But because of the way that the blockchain technology works no one person would ever be able to control everything.

  1. Commerce Platform That Helps Buyers Make The Best Choices

There’s now a platform being developed that combines AI together with blockchain that allows for business owners and individuals to get a tremendous amount of data on a product they’re interested in buying. They will be able to instantly get information on the quality of the product, all the necessary shipping details needed, the price ranges between companies selling the product, and where they can buy the product. This will allow buyers to instantly know which product fits their particular needs and where they can get it for the very best price.

  1. Increases The Capacity To Run Small Businesses From The Home

Combining artificial intelligence together with blockchain technology will soon transform small business and their ability to run professional companies from the home. The combination of the technologies being developed from blockchain will mean that payments for almost anything will be made instantly and there will never be any concern as to whether or not the seller will actually receive the funds. At the same time, the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the seller getting any information beyond what they must get in order to make the transaction. In fact, the technology being developed will mean that if the seller does try to get additional information the buyer will be told this and the buyer can register a formal complaint about it.

By all accounts, this technology is going to transform many lives even more than inventions such as the car, the phone, the printing press, and even the internet itself. It’s unlikely that even the best visionist have fully grasped the full extent of how this will transform our lives. This means that all those that want to get the greatest advantage should begin to choose blockchain internet intelligence now and grow with its use as the technology grows.


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