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How to Use Gmail & Hotmail/Outlook on One Android Smartphone

If you are using separate apps for your email, calendar and files for both gmail (and google drive) and outlook/hotmail (and one drive) then the app will present you today will be of enormous help. We are talking about Check for Hotmail – free Android app that goes further than the regular email apps usually do!

How to use gmail and hotmail/outlook in 1 app

Install Check for Hotmail, add as many gmail and outlook/hotmail accounts as you want. Get push notifications, check inboxes and change accounts as you want within the app.

Much more than just an email app with gmail and outlook features

Besides the basic email features and the ability to add multiple accounts, you can further make use of the great email app with numerous other features.

Add Events to your Calendar, Set Reminders

Check for Hotmail can be your email manager, but also your new #1 calendar app since it features clean and beautiful calendar that syncs with your hotmail/gmail accounts. You can simply add as many events as you like and even set reminders as emails.

Real-time Notifications, offline use and more

The features of this helpful email manager go further with real-time push notifications, fast and easy smart search through emails and contacts offline and online, pass code & fingerprint protection, spam folder, file management for each account.

For the even more advanced Android email users there is even integration with One Drive and Android Wear (you can check your emails without checking your smartphone).

Can enhance productivity

Using all this versatile and universal features in one email app will surely organize you better and make you more productive on the long-term. The app is currently availble for Android devices and is free.

Google Play Download Link: Check for Hotmail

Website: http://www.checkmailapp.com/


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