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What Is Mobile Monitoring Software?

There was a time, not too long ago, when mobile phones were fairly rudimentary. They only performed a few basic functions, such as phone calls and text messaging.

Things have, however, started to change in recent times, thanks to the technological innovations that have begun to drastically change the way we think of technology.

In fact, these changes have started to take place rapidly, with some of them taking place in the span of very few years. The collective changes have led to what many call the ‘information age’, where there is an accelerated flow of information across the planet.

Given the rapidity with which information flows, it is by far the most apt name that can be given to this era. As with technological changes, other changes have followed suit as well, such as those occurring in the world of software.

When it comes to mobile software, one of the most interesting developments has been the creation of mobile monitoring applications.

They are one of the most interesting and potentially risky applications around, depending on how they are used. If you are not familiar with mobile monitoring software, the information given below should give you a clear understanding about the same.


So then, what is mobile monitoring software?

The name itself would give a rough idea as to what they are.

They are in simple words, software that help to monitor any and all activities that take place on a mobile phone. In addition to the monitoring, they also simultaneously maintain logs of the same, where they make a list of all the activities that take place on the device.

In addition to this, the monitoring that takes place is done in such a way that it is entirely in the background. In other words, there is no sign anywhere on the phone, that the activity taking place on it is getting logged. In simple words, they help to monitor any activity taking place on the phone, without letting the user know that they are being monitored.

The Purpose or Monitoring Software

The purpose of the software is fairly simple. Their primary purpose is essentially for security and safety. A good example of where they are used is that of children.

With the rise of technology, an increasing number of children are getting hooked onto technology, whether it is smartphones or tablets. And this has got plenty of parents worried about their children, with regard to the way they use their mobile phones. And the worry is not really just the amount of time that kids are spending on devices, but also the actual activity itself. This is especially true in the case of the internet, where there is a great risk of exposure to content that children may not be mature enough to understand and handle.

Likewise, there are other concerns as well that people may have. For example, there are many companies that tend to provide devices to employees, to handle their daily work requirement. Since the devices are owned by the company and there are multiple people using it at each work shift, it becomes a necessity for the employer to keep a track on how the devices are used. Mobile monitoring software can be of immense use in such situations as well.

In simple words, the software helps one to keep a track of activities on the device, when one is not physically there to ensure the same. Think of it as being a security feature to make sure that only the device’s owner or permitted individuals are allowed to use the device.

The Working of Mobile Monitoring Software

The exact way each software works will generally vary from the rest.

But the fundamental principle of all mobile monitoring software is more or less the same. The software keeps a track of all activities that are taking place on the mobile phone. The tracking process may happen throughout the day or may be restricted to a certain set of hours. Likewise, the software may track all activities on the phone, or may restrict itself to a few of them such as web browsing, phone calls, etc.

Once the tracking is completed, the application saves a log of the same, which can be retrieved by whoever is in control of the software for future reference. The logs may range from simple text files to full on reports that are mailed to one’s email address. The reporting process may be automated or manual in nature, depending on the convenience of the software’s owner.

Potential Risks

As with anything in life, mobile monitoring software comes with their own set of risks and disadvantages.

These risks are largely related to the way they can be misused by others, and compromise one’s privacy.

One of the biggest disadvantages to mobile monitoring software is that, it allows for unscrupulous people to spy on your activity, without you knowing about it. In other words, the same advantage that you have regarding keeping a track of your phone becomes a disadvantage in the hands of those who may have bad intentions towards you.

An added risk has to do with the mobile monitoring software getting hacked by other people. Should that happen, the same software you were using for your own benefit can end up being turned against you. And in many cases, the worst part is that you will not even know that it has happened. Simply put, you should know that there is every danger that the software you installed on your phone for you convenience, can end up being used against you by hackers and other shady figures.

This is however, something that you can always address, though a host of different strategies like using antivirus software, resetting your phone to its original factory settings, etc.

In all, mobile monitoring software can be defined as software designed to keep a close watch on a chosen device.

Whether for the purpose of child care or for security reasons, mobile monitoring software plays a key role in the modern day mobile ecosystem.


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