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What Is Network Security Monitoring And Why Is It Important?

Network security monitoring is an important aspect because it helps to identify threats in the system and take care of them before the problems escalate. The problems to the networks are not only external as most people imagine. Sometimes they are internal. Research has indicated that some of the serious security threats for a network might come from internal factors.

Network security monitoring is not only about identifying the threats. It involves so much more than that. The first aspect of the process is a collection of data from the system. As the data is being collected, it is also analyzed in real time to ensure that any identified intrusions are handled in real time. After that, the results of the analysis are used to respond to the intrusions identified.

Security monitoring does not stop at protecting the systems from attacks. It goes further to identify when an intrusion has become successful and helps to stop it to ensure that the damage is mitigated and the business in question is safe. Security monitoring is not about blocking visibility of the network as this can deny legitimate operations to take place.

It involves allowing visibility into the network but stopping any unwanted or suspicious activities that may happen from access. It, therefore, goes without saying that response is of uttermost importance in security monitoring.

Importance of Network Security Monitoring

Prevents Data from Being Stolen– Intruders might be looking to steal important data from the systems which can later be used maliciously. In such a case, the network security monitor identifies when someone in the system tries to copy such sensitive data and provides a warning to stop the act. This is especially true when it is coming from insiders in the company.

Prevents Malicious Damage Of Data – Security monitoring also ensures that data present in the systems are kept safe from malicious damage. Any malicious data sent to the system is identified and eliminated as necessary. Also, it prevents damage of data through deletion or wiping from the systems.

Prevents Sharing of Sensitive Data – Sometimes, sensitive data should not be shared by one user to the other in the network. This is important to prevent a breach of data and leaking of important information about customers, suppliers and other partners in the business. This sharing of information cannot be prevented completely with only using log-in information. It is best avoided using security monitoring tools.

Detection And Response – As indicated earlier, response to the threats is of uttermost importance. Monitoring allows the threats to be detected and responded to effectively.

Protects Customers, Suppliers, and Partners– The other importance of security monitoring is that businesses can prevent attacks on their customers, suppliers, and partners. Since cyber-crime is on the rise and the criminals are always looking for data to attack people, keeping data protected through security monitoring ensures protection for all the parties involved.

Network security monitoring is an important aspect of every business and should be carried out for all companies with sensitive information.

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