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what is Patch Panel ?

A patch panel is a mounted hardware unit containing an assembly of port locations in a communications or other electronic or electrical system. In a network, a patch panel serves as a sort of static switchboard, using cables to interconnect computers within the area of a local area network (LAN) and to the outside for connection to the Internet or other wide area network (WAN). A patch panel uses a sort of jumper cable called a patch cord to create each interconnection.

In office network , PC is not directly connected with switches, it,s connected with Patchcord on the wall.


You can easily configure the keystone jacks on patch panel with below picture steps :-


your jack will look like


I am using the Rj45 Rj11 Cat5e Cat6 Network Lan Cable Tester Test Tool to test my network cable connection. in this tester tool , you need to plugin one side RH-45 jack in one side and other side RJ-45 in other side. if it,s showing all color green means your cable configuration is ok. Buy Now


These Videos will help you to do the PatchPanel cabeling from the BridgeCableVideos  :-

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