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Which is better, an iOS developer or an Android developer?

The companies often have the problems with choice platforms. They ask the question: “We want to use own develops on mobile platforms.  Which platforms should we use for success?” Moreover, it is hard to understand, because every platform offers own benefits.

If your project is to create a mobile application, then one of the first questions to be solved is hire an iOS developers or Android?

Even if the budget project allows you to invest in the development of both platforms, it would be easier to start with one. You can make Android app development vs iOS app development but must be prepared to increase costs.

Way to think

First of all, you should understand the advantages of both platforms.

Advantages of hire an Android developers

  • It is noticeably cheaper. Techniques on Android are much larger, and the device can be picked up even from the budgetary price category.
  • Secondly, the Java language, on the basis of which applications for Android are created, is slightly easier for beginners.
  • Thirdly. The part of Android-devices in the global mobile market is more than 80%. Giant audience. Giant traffic volumes. If you plan to make a free application with an interesting advertising strategy, then definitely the most promising market is Android.

Benefits of iOS

  • The popularity of iOS is inferior to Android. Meanwhile, the main advantage of one is the consistency of its audience. With such a small market volume (about 12%), iOS devices account for half of all revenue from application sales – $ 6.4 billion per year.
  • On average, for one download in the App Store, the developer receives $ 0.24. The buyers of iOS devices are becoming a good target audience for application developers.
  • iOS devices are not so easy to crack. This is another reason for the high purchasing power on the platform. When designing, you need to consider only a few display formats. The company was able to pack development tools into better products, compared to competitors.

The best way for make decision is comparison of iOS vs Android development.  The decision depends on the application that you are going to produce.

  • It is necessary to understand who your user is, what audience is planned to release the application and what devices this audience uses. From the point of view of development tools, parity is hard to find.
  • Android is Java, the development environment of Android Studio (IntelliJ IDEA based). iOS is ObjC and Swift, the XCode and AppCode development environments (IntellJ IDEA based). Honestly, the development under iOS with Swift + AppCode + iOS simulator will greatly benefit in speed compared to tuling provided by Google. However, Android will be cheaper, both in terms of money and in the timing of the layout of your application. $ 25 is a one-time payment for a developer account on Google Play against an annual payment of $ 100 in the AppStore.
  • From the point of view of debugging and bug fix, the development under iOS very much wins from Android, provides a more deterministic environment. This, in fact, one OS from one manufacturer. Android gives a giant entropy and a strong fragmentation by versions of the OS, which should be supported when developing for greater audience coverage. Every big Android vendor has its own Android fork. Everyone strives to provide the user with a unique interface, but for the developer this results in a huge headache, which is expressed in the fact that it is necessary to have about 20-30 devices from all these vendors and a constant catch of various specific bugs for each of these devices with different densities. These ultimately gives fun not only to the developer but also to the designer.

The ability to let the application run under both platforms

Everything depends on your budget and on what period you have. Of course, it is not necessary to release the application directly under two platforms. It is much easier to make an application first under one platform, collect all rakes; all design problems, and UX. In addition, already based on this experience, to seize new markets. Now, often most startups create an application for iOS, tests their hypotheses on it and then, guided by their experience, makes the application for Android. In addition, we want to note that iOS vs Android development have differences in approach to design, and if you simply create an application for iOS, and then transfer to Android, then the application will be somewhat alien.

As a conclusion, I repeat, that there is no unambiguous answer to the question “What is better Android or iOS?” After creating a prototype on one of the platforms and proving its viability, you will need to expand your application to new markets, and for a worked model on one of them, it is vital to have applications for ones.

Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages and only you decide what is more important for you and your project. Learn all the aspects that are right for your development.


Vladislav Pshenychka is a brand strategist, digital marketing expert, and a blogger. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently, associated with Artjoker – a leading web development company in Los Angeles


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