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Why Is Service Level Important in a Call Center?

Service level is a critical component of successful customer service practices. It’s an important metric to track across campaigns and ensure that the organization is able to service increasing loads over time. Additionally, service levels are critical to measure when it comes to degrees of accessibility..

Customers also want to reach a human agent to resolve their queries quicker. Omnichannel cloud-based centers offer the benefits of both automation and personalized communication. Providers such as Bright Pattern offer a scale-driven solution that can drastically improve service levels for enterprises of all sizes.

As service levels measure the percentage of calls answered within a certain threshold, it’s important to set the right threshold numerically. Companies can consult with leading experts in cloud-based Call Centers Philippines to gain insight about their industry.

Service levels also come into play when companies set out objectives for long-term improvement. A 90/30 service level can’t be compared to an 80/20 service level, which is why a consistent goal must be formulated. After that, data can be striated to form new analysis points within the decision matrix.

Measuring the success of call center

Service levels are incredibly effective at measuring the success of a call center. It’s a simple mathematical formula that describes the output of the call center at scale. Firms can easily analyze the impact of their customer service teams by understanding different service levels during different months.

Brands that are focused on reducing their service levels can do so by enhancing the technology being implemented. By leveraging the benefits of automation and staff-training, companies can measure the success of a campaign more easily.

Service levels can also be time bound, meaning morning hours could have greater connectivity when compared to the evening rush. That’s why a consistent base of time-series data should be compared so as to develop more consistent insights.

Setting the right goals

When it comes to performance metrics, it’s important to set the right goals from the start. By having the right goals in place, companies can focus on increased optimization through targeted enhancements. By adding more agents, introducing new technologies, and enabling real-time features, companies can work on enhancing their current service levels.

Additionally, setting the right goals allows companies to conduct peer analysis studies. By understanding the industry levels of service provided, companies can find gaps in their own processes better. They can then streamline processes to better connect with customers that may be waiting for longer-than-average times.

Chatbots and AI based automation can be introduced to the communication mix, while delivering key goals set by decision makers within the firm. This allows companies to get closer to their customers while also resolving their queries. Agents can be automatically assigned, depending on past experiences and engagement levels of the service staff for that line. 

Impact of service level on planning

Service level is critical in areas where planning is concerned. Planning for resources is greatly optimized when companies work on developing customer-first solutions. The service line information helps companies spend more on new agents, better technology and enhanced data sets.

Campaigns can also be supported by better planning, which is influenced significantly by the service level experienced. Customer service levels can impact the strategic initiatives implemented within the enterprise.

When service levels are enhanced across the board, companies can learn from specific agents and leverage a cohesive plan. Data on agent competency can also be measured alongside service levels to create a comprehensive strategy for optimized contact center performance. Hiring managers can find other resources that can deliver similar to the best performing agents within the firm, service level-wise.


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