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Why Should You Not Trust on Facebook Hacking Tools


Why Should You Not Trust on Facebook Hacking Tools :- 

If you visit any Facebook group, you will easily find out this question ” I want to hack Facebook ID, any software please ” . Even you will find out the lots of tool that are clamming to hack Facebook account with just enter your Facebook profile URL or Facebook ID, then they ask to share this link with your friends.

Even if you search on Google ” Facebook Hacking Software ” You will find the millions of search result.


The Truth Is That There Is No Such Simple Program Or Software That Can Do It For You,The Reason Behind It Is That These Major Companies Pay Thousands Of Dollars To Protect Their Users Privacy, Do You Honestly Think This Is Possible?,

Do You Think That They Don’t Have Any Protection And Security Officials To Knock Down Such Software, So Stop Fooling Your Self And Stop Searching About These So Called “Facebook Hacking Software.

My Some Advice For You !! Who Want To Become Hacker :- 

1.  Never trust sites that ask you for money in return of Hacking Software’s or who claim to Hack Email Id’s in return of money. All such things are Scam . Nothing Works.

2. There is NO DIRECT SOFTWARE to Hack Facebook , Google , Yahoo or any other big website. All the software’s that claim to do so are scam. They are just meant to take your money and in worse cases, those software’s have Trojans or key loggers in them. As a result your account gets hacked trying to hack others.

3. NEVER EVER use the keyloggers or Trojans you find as freeware on internet. Hackers are not fools. They compile keyloggers and Trojans almost with any such software and when you install them , you are already hacked before even trying to hack others.
4. You are never going to be a good hacker without the knowledge of programming and scripting languages. When you are going to use only ready made software’s and would depend on them for hacking anything then your functionality would be limited up to the functionality of the software. When you are not going to use your brain , just doing the copy paste thing, then how can you even think of being a good hacker.
5. Learning scripting languages such as Python, Perl and ruby can help you automate your tasks and for sure improve your skills.
6. Move to Linux, learn Programming Languages C, Pearl, Lisp, Java and Html and write open source programs.
7. Do not rely on tricks for hacking. As they will keep you a script kiddie, get deep understanding about stuffs. And also don’t rush from one topic to another. All those combined will make you a better hacker. “Slow and Steady wins the race”  .

So Never Ever Under estimate the term Hacker.

A Hacker Is Not a person who just hacks email id’s or servers but a True Hacker is a Computer Genius who the knowledge of computers more than anyone.

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Note :- This post is dedicated to those friends who have only question for me            “How to hack Facebook account, Give me software please ” . hahahaha