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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Build An Alexa Skill In 2019

Marketing is one of the fastest expanding industries in the digital age. In an effort to keep up with developments in technology as they are released on the market, strategies must be developed quickly to avoid falling behind.

Traditional methods, like advertising your business on other websites and getting active in social media communities are brilliant, but they have become predictable. That isn’t to say they don’t work; the results are there to show that they do, and industries are still making strides to refresh them every day.

With that being said, there is a brand new technology that is perfect for marketing strategists who want to make a splash and stand out in their industry. You might have already guessed, but if not, we’re talking about voice technology.

These have revolutionised the way people ask for and receive information. Now, you don’t even have to type the question you want to find; if you’re busy, all you need to do is speak into the device of your choosing, and you will receive the answer you desire in seconds.

These devices have been slowly growing for years, ever since the development of Amazon’s Alexa. This is why we think 2019 is the perfect time for your business to create an Alexa skill. Here’s why.

You will stand out from your competitors

Even though we’re only working in the very early days of artificial intelligence marketing, Google have revealed that 20% of searches made via their search engine are already made using voice activated technology.

They have predicted that this number will increase to 50% by 2020, meaning that half of all Google searches will be completed via voice only.

That’s a massive shift compared to how we currently operate, and not one you want to miss out on.

By offering something your competitors can’t, you are getting ahead and convincing people that you are the modern business that can efficiently handle their needs. You don’t need people who want to sit at their computer and research for hours and hours; all you need is someone who is willing to spend a few seconds speaking into their Amazon Alexa device.

This could also mark a vast increase on your 2019 sales if people realise that hiring the products and/or services you’re selling takes less effort than your competitors.

You can increase customer satisfaction by answering customer inquiries faster

A big part of a running a business is making sure that your customer service staff, or your own abilities, are as good as they possibly can be.

After all, if you aren’t able to reply to those enquiring about your business within a reasonable amount of time then they will only go elsewhere—probably to a competitor.

Even having an FAQ isn’t fool proof when it comes to offering customers the information they need to know passively. Having an FAQ can, however, help you to programme in appropriate questions to the Alexa skill you develop.

You could also develop a system where people can contact you directly through your Alexa skill to be put through to an advisor if their question cannot be answered.

You can be a pioneer of change in your industry

According to HealthcareWeekly, 1 in 5 European physicians are now using Siri and Alexa devices to tend to their patients.

A further 40 percent of these physicians have said that they would like to integrate this technology into their working environment in the next few years.

Take a moment to think about your own industry and pioneering changes you’d like to make to the way it operates.

Getting ahead of your competitors and standing out is great, but making sure everyone who access your services—through you or another business—can really make a difference, too.

You might want to think about whether there are aspects of your business that could be done automatically by giving Alexa a command through your skill.

Like I mentioned further up in the article, you could also be a pioneer by suggesting ways of connecting more with your customers.

It could even be something as simple as providing your information on an Alexa skill app in addition to your website and in-person consultations with clients.

Whatever it is, do it first, and make sure people know who started it when the idea starts to catch on and is used by other audiences.

This will bring you a sense of pride, but could also direct business your way if people realise you’re making strides that other companies are copying instead of coming up with their own.

It creates further brand awareness

Alexa skill development provides you with lots of opportunities to get your brand out there on newer technology that has captivated audiences worldwide.

At the moment, there are around 70 million active users every month, giving you the opportunity to access an undiscovered market if you act fast.

People who have never heard of your products or services will come across your business while scrolling through the Amazon skill app for similar services, which has the potential to increase your sales.

You can also offer free perks on the skills app that may interest customers, lead them to engage with your skill for a while, and then make a purchase further on down the line.

Usually a sales funnel like this would take time and commitment that distracts from other business engagements, but not anymore.

With voice technology, all you need to do is set up your Alexa skill and, provided you update it regularly, you are free to carry on with other things your business demands.

You have the opportunity to get in there while it’s free – so act fast!

Many voice technology experts have theorised that, as these devices continue to gain popularity, businesses may have to pay to develop Alexa skills.

There are also other predictions, including a possible payment incentive for those wanting their skill placed higher than others in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Others wonder if there will be an additional charge to make your skill the default for Alexa, too, meaning that when someone asks a question relating to your skill, the device will use yours without calling your skill by name.

These predictions could mean an influx in businesses with marketing budgets wanting to climb their way to the top, so don’t wait.

Build you authority with the skills page now by developing your app before your competitors completely for free.

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