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Guest Post on Rumyittips

Yes, we are accepting Paid Guest Posts on Rumyittips.com,

Read our FAQ Carefully before sending your email to us.

Guest posts that are geared towards only sharing your link or that of your client will no longer be accepted. Your article must be of value to our audience with actionable tips that will make them come back for more.

Articles with generic content that are of no value to our readers will no longer be published. Your guest post must offer specific information and must go straight to the point. If you must build up to your main point, the build-up must be organized in headers for clarity.

The sort of content we prefer for guest posts is How to GuidesTipsChecklistsCase studiesInfographics, etc. Gambling-themed content will not be accepted. Articles about cryptocurrencies MUST stick to the technology bit and avoid the get-rich-quick bit.


(Q) I am looking For Free Guest Post Opportunities?

Sorry, SEO is not a Free Service.

(Q) Which Kind of Post You are Accepting?

Only Tech.

(Q) My Post is related to Casino?

Big Sorry, Find out other websites.

(Q) What is Recommended Length of Post?

1000 Word with 2 images

(Q) How many Dofollow Link is allowed?

Only One dofollow is allowed.

(Q) I Need a post on Home Page?

Yes, Your post will be on Home Page

(Q) What Is the Post Price?

25 USD ( Post Provided By You) + 20 USD if you want us to write.

(Q) Do You Have Other Website?

Yes These are our sister website with Price technicalustad.com {DA 50 PA 41} ( Price 100 USD) authorityapk.com { DA 34 PA 40} techgyd.com {DA 54 PA 49} ( Price 120 USD )

(Q) I have low budget?

Kindly check out other websites.

(Q) I am from agency, i will give you bulk order?

Sorry, we don’t need bulk order, we are working on quality order.

(Q) I am looking for a Link From a Existing Post?

Sorry, we are not providing any link from Existing Post.

(Q) I didn’t received my email reply?

We are reading each and every email send to us if you are not getting any reply means we don’t want to reply to your query.

Our Email ID:- [email protected]

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