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Steps to make your Laptop screen background full of life and colors

Those days are long gone when upgrading the laptops of PCs was enough. It is really not a good sight if you come back to a screen, which has its default wallpaper to it. So, changing the wallpaper to some unique options can always present you with a delightful mood change for sure. Nowadays, you have the power to enjoy the beauty of live wallpaper, which will make your host device come back to life. The best part is that you can procure free live wallpaper windows 10 from some of the reliable apps. 

Even if your heart desires, you can aim for the animated wallpapers for Windows 10 as well, from some of the reputed sources too. So, waste no time further and check in with the options where live wallpapers are waiting for you to grab.

The Microsoft Store Desktop live wallpaper:

Microsoft has deep experience with personal computers. This company understands that you never want just the result but also work an entire process leading to it smoothly. Sometimes, you might even want to build your own live wallpaper customized to match your needs.

  • That’s when this app comes to the rescue. It will not just provide you with premade background stacked in the inventory but will give the users collection with few options.
  • It will break the limits imposed on your creativity and will help you to make some of the exclusive live wallpapers, right from your own videos if you want to.
  • If you want, you can get the same animation magic right on files from your phones, whether you are using Android or a hardcoreiOS fan. If you give it some of your videos, the app will turn those into some amazing live wallpapers for your PC.

Wallpaper Engine:

It is another interesting app, which really doesn’t need much of an introduction. It has been around for quite some time and has worked on its reputation from the start. Here, you get to access multiple features, which will help in freshening up the dull desktop, which will have the title updated from app to all-in-one suite.

  • Here, you get the option to create animated backgrounds from graphics or procure the same results from videos.
  • You can also enjoy the contribution of the massive 4K gallery, from where you can get the fresh resources over here.

Lively Wallpaper:

It is one non-cost alternative when it comes to Wallpaper engines. This app might have to do a little bit more research to make it feature-loaded, but it will surely exceed your expectations that you get from a free tool.

  • The graphics covered by this application will give rise to some trendy appearances for the devices.
  • You can start with some basic video to wallpapers, and then you can go all the way to advanced choices like interactive web pages.
  • The vast library of this wallpaper app consists of stunning visuals, which will be capturing the beauty of nature, life, and arts to help with the transformation now.


It is one premier choice if you want to invest some money in the live wallpapers for Windows 10. Here, you get the chance to craft your very own screen workshop. This app will present you with customized skins for covering any category you want and offering you multiple ways to fix that old boring background of your screen.

  • Some of the skins are towards the simple side and will serve just one purpose, like a to-do list or time.
  • Then you have other skins, which will display some extra features like the complexity of the miniature application. It will further help you to keep a core eye on the device’s performance level.

Chameleon Wallpaper app:

The last one on this list has to be the Chameleon Wallpaper App. Right after you have downloaded the app, it will settle down next to all the variables of your PC and will watch them closely. Later, this app will shuffle the wallpapers as per the changes you want them to make.

Test out the best wallpaper apps for your use and getting hands-on live wallpaper for your laptop or PC won’t be that tough of a case to address anymore. 





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