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Investing in Bitcoin in 2021? The Real Scenario

Bitcoin trading experienced a hike in 2020 it is the highest in the trading history of cryptocurrency. Despite the pandemic, when the entire world was facing problems fighting against Covid 19, digital currencies were raising. So, it can be predicted that the digital platform will see better times ahead with the upcoming 2021. 

It was when the entire world business was undergoing a crisis in 2020. It was the bitcoin trading that was increasing with the passing of the year 2020. According to bitcoin up, there are chances to grow in digital currency but, the volatility indeed persists. Potential risks of the digital currencies connect with the crypto trading market. Anytime it may raise and it can fall any time of the year. 

But the prospects are widening with the increase in traders and investments in the bitcoin. As it shows the positive side of bitcoin it also has the negativities that one should consider in 2021. 

Bitcoin is volatile

Cryptocurrency is volatile, so is Bitcoin. Hereby, with the sudden rise, there is no surety that bitcoin is no longer going to face any downfall. It is the reason buyers have to be predictable about the changes in the rates of the currencies. It was in 2010 that the rate of bitcoin was just 8 cents. Later this increased to 1000 dollars. It was $5000 in 2017 while it was in 2018 that from the peak to $20,000 it dropped to $3,500.

So, as it can provide a high profit, it can also pull the traders down in no time. The trading market is not reliable traders have to be predictable about their investment. It will enable them to avoid losses to their money and financial system. 

Fewer people know about bitcoin

Yes, fewer people have the idea of digital currencies. Most people worldwide are dependent on traditional financial investments over cryptocurrencies. According to the bitcoin up, commission finds bitcoin is similar to gold. The basic idea of the bitcoin is least known to the traders. Even after more than one decade approximately, it is a new mode of trading to the people. 

Traders still hesitate to approach this new trading platform. But traders who can take risks are earning good returns. It is despite of the volatile features of the bitcoin. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is digital currency, and people slowly know which it shows from the popularity and the investors. 

Not regulated by the central banks

When mentioning Bitcoin, it was the raise in 2020. It is an advantage to gain profits as returns from banks. But it has the peer-to-peer exchange; the cryptocurrency is not regulated by the central banks or the state of a country. This feature enables the transaction possible to any part of the country and at any time. 

Bitcoin was discovered about ten years ago. But it does not have the regulation of any banks or financial institutions. It works from any bank to any part of the world. 

Another benefit of bitcoin is, it does not have any additional charges on transactions. Unlike the traditional banks makes it an advantage of not being regulated by central banks. 

Bitcoin is not illegal 

Since it is online trading and there are chances that the cybercrimes may involve in illegal activities. Cryptocurrency or bitcoin is not illegal, but the risks of illegal activities are high. Different types of phishing, blackmailing, and Ponzi schemes are possible by using bitcoins. 

Though cryptocurrency is legal, the different associated cybercrimes have made it difficult for people to pursue small investments. The activities are discouraging the progress of bitcoin in upcoming years. 

The security of the digital assets is improving to safeguard the data and documents of the users or traders. It will help in reducing crime and maintain the assets of the traders. 


It is the scenario of bitcoin in the upcoming year 2021. There are several advantages of bitcoin. But the volatile features do not allow the traders to invest a high amount in bitcoin. Few are slowly investing and earning profits while diversifying into other investments. Mutual funds, stocks are some of the best sectors to keep the money safe. 


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