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How do you write the best cold emails?

One of the best ways to start and maintain a good business relationship is to send cold emails. Furthermore, it has to be apt and precise to get replies to your cold emails. Not to mention, cold emails should not be lengthy because the reader may find them boring. 

However, if you use the write strategies, you will feedbacks from your cold emails. Delivering value in your email is essential. To write the best cold emails, follow the tips below.

Appealing subject

The first thing that pops up when the receiver sees your email is the subject or the heading. Ensuring the subject is catchy is an excellent way to get your reader’s attention. If the subject is poorly written, then the addressee may not likely open the email to read further. Also, the addressee may mark your email as SPAM if the subject is poorly written. Therefore, hit the nail on the head on your subject but in a catchy way.

Make your “from” line catchy

Remember, you are sending a cold email to a total stranger, and they would be skeptical about it. However, you need to introduce yourself and explain where you are writing them from. The “from” part of the email, mainly the introduction, must be catchy. You can either use your first name or your first and last name or both names and add your title. For example, “I am Margret Foster (senior marketing manager) from BBMD company”. Then, describe your company and the purpose of writing the email. 

Catchy introduction

You have less than 3 seconds to grab the addressee’s attention with your introduction. Don’t wobble out of the topic. Focus on the subject; a few flattering words will keep the reader’s attention. The introduction of the cold email should not be more than three sentences. Use one of the three introductory sentences to highlight a few problems they may have and that you want to address. If the addressee has such issues, they would read more. 

Include some value in your email

Unfortunately, many people make their cold emails pitchy. Don’t make your cold email look like you want to sell something to the addressee, even though that is what you want to do. Highlight the values that your addressee will gain for patronizing your business. If the message is salesy, then you might lose the reader. 

Add a call to action

After a beautiful and well-written cold email and you don’t add a call to action, you have just wasted time. The addressee needs to know how to contact you if they have further inquiries or want to buy your product immediately. Use a company email or phone number for your call to action. You need to be professional regarding how you drop your call to action. Your call to action should not appear beggarly but polite.


Cold emails are not the regular daily emails you send out to customers. Cold emails are sent to prospective clients, customers, etc. Therefore, your cold email writing skills must be top-notch to attract your addressee to use your services. Finally, visit https://www.lemlist.com for more on cold email.



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