Find Out Which USB Devices Have Been Used on Your PC



Find Out Which USB Devices Have Been Used on Your PC :-

With data theft occurring frequently, you need to be identify that which USB is connected with your computer. Today i am going to show you Find Out Which USB Devices Have Been Used on Your PC and also how to remove the traces.

Find Connected USB Traces :- 

You can easily find out the traces of used USB drive with USBDeview tool by Nirosoft.

USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.

For each USB device, extended information is displayed: Device name/description, device type, serial number (for mass storage devices), the date/time that device was added, VendorID, ProductID, and more…

USBDeview also allows you to uninstall USB devices that you previously used, disconnect USB devices that are currently connected to your computer, as well as to disable and enable USB devices.

You can also use USBDeview on a remote computer, as long as you login to that computer with admin user.

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How USBDeview gather the data :-

When a USB drive is first connected to computer the drivers need to be installed for it to work correctly and the device registered with the computer. Fortunately there is a log of this activity, this log is stored in the SETUPAPI.LOG.

The SETUPAPI.LOG keeps a record of a variety of changes of the hardware to a computer, including the first time a USB drive was connected to a computer. It records information about the drivers used, the make and model of the USB drive and the PID from the USB chip, which is almost unique and can be used to trace a USB drive. The file itself is a plain text log file, and so can be copied out and then keyword searched. However, due to the volume of information involved this is not an effective method. USBDeview can just extract the SETUPAPI.LOG file.

Remove Connected USB Traces :- 

USBOblivion is a free and simple portable tool where it only has one button and two options. The only button that does the job is “Clean” while the two options are real cleanup and backup. When the “Do real clean” option is unchecked, USBOblivion runs a simulation of the cleanup so you can check on the entries found on your computer before really removing the history.


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