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Business Marketing review on social media

Marketing for business review on various social media sources has emerged as one of the hottest things these days. There is one of the...

Wibo, the smartest USB-C charging cable for smart devices – Review

If you own a smartphone, laptop or any other device that comes with a USB-C port like the one in the flagship Android phone...

Ten Tips for Designing Large Touchscreens

Today, mobile software development is mainly focused on smaller screens, especially with the number of portable devices growing every day. Mobile developers and UI/UX...

Offline Marketing Ideas to Help Get Your Business Noticed

People are talking so much about digital marketing and the importance of having  a website that it’s actually now difficult for the small business...

Grand Theft Auto – Vice City For Android

Are you a game freak? Then you must be acquainted with the name of GTA. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most widely known...