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5 Signs You’re Ready to Move from Your Current Web Host

You’ll find many reasons to consider web hosts – less price, more features, better support, enhanced security, etc. In fact, you should regularly assess your current provider and check to compete for top domain hosting providers to make sure you are getting the best service and are maximizing your businesses’ online potential. 

Regardless of the reason you’re considering moving, there are solid reasons why you should consider it. The move towards a new domain hosting provider should be smooth. Sometimes, issues may arise, but a little planning will go a long way to minimize issues. 

You are experiencing downtimes 

100% guaranteed uptime is impossible, even though the best hosting. However, 99.99% uptime is the norm. Regular downtime isn’t acceptable, especially if it’s due to site traffic. A live site is a baseline for a good hosting company, so if you’re not getting this bare minimum, it’s time to consider moving. 

You have an issue with support 

Support is vital to a successful website. Your host needs to have a constant (24/7) support system to resolve them. If you have to send an email and wait a week or spend hours on hold when you call, then bad news – you have a bad host. 

Strangely slow performance 

Sites should load in split seconds; if not, there’s an issue with your internet connection. If it’s not your internet service provider (ISP), and you’re getting comments from your customers, then it’s most likely your hosting provider’s fault. A fast-loading site is crucial for doing business in the connected era. Poor loading times and responsiveness can turn away customers and even lower your search engine rankings. 

Slowdowns can also be caused by a stack configuration issue or a rogue plugin. But if everything’s well-managed and your site is still lagging, your host is likely to blame. 

Your hardware is outdated 

Having more traffic than your servers can handle is a good issue, but it’s still an issue. If you bought personal business servers, this could lead to costly upgrades. You’ll need to keep doing upgrades and upkeep as your business grows. Even if you’re using virtual machines, you could end up needing more space than you need as demand escalates. 


Security issues 

As most startup businesses can tell you, being hacked is a constant concern and a nightmare if it ever happens to you. Imagine a customer contacting your support and saying that your main page isn’t loading, has graffiti, or has a manifesto pasted on it. You then log into the admin screen, and files are stolen, corrupted, moved – it’s dreadful. 

Most hacking can be stopped or amended by a web host, but if you got hacked in the first place, then that’s a warning sign that your host isn’t taking security seriously. Even if you’re not hacked, ask your web host what they’re doing to keep your site safe. 


Sticking to your provider or moving to a better domain hosting is a difficult yet essential decision. Staying with what’s familiar is easy instead of going out of your comfort zone. You might even grit your teeth with the current solution you have than risking your business with another. Do ample research to find the right provider that offers expert domain hosting and website security. Once you find a hosting provider that ticks all the boxes, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to decide. 

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