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6 Strategies That All Effective Video Advertisements Do

Do you dream of running successful ad campaigns that grab the attention of millions of users and get them to buy your products and service?

While imagining the perfect video advertisements is simple, creating them isn’t. The rise of the internet make video creation and editing more accessible; most small businesses still create campaigns that flounder and ultimately crash. 

So, how can you create a commercial that rivals the narrative and technical wonders of Super Bowl creations? Keep reading to find out five effective strategies professionals use. 

  1. Hook ‘Em (ASAP)

Before you diving head first into creating, think about your viewers. The average attention span for ads is, at most, five seconds. So, how are you going to grab their interest?

Well, stellar marketing video creators strive to disrupt the internet or television viewing patterns of audience members. They use bold language, fun colors, and interesting animation to actively engage the viewer. 

  1. Tell Them Why They Should Care

So, you’ve got the attention of your audience with a killer hook? Now how to you get to the line and sinker part?

The next step of good video ad structure is pointing out the elephant in the room. Let viewers know what the issue is, and how they fit into the picture.   

  1. Mix up Your Video Type

When crafting your campaign, take some time to view other YouTube video ads. Keep an eye out for the various formats of video advertisements. Write down which ones were most compelling and suited to your business. 

Don’t use the same format for your entire campaign. Pepper how-tos, product demos, and company culture videos throughout the marketing run. 

  1. Keep It Short 

Think back to when we talked about viewers having a short attention span when it comes to video advertisements. Well, you have to think about it for the whole ad, not just the hook. 

Your goal is to aim for 60 seconds or less. Just enough time to pack a juicy product punch line into a compelling story. 

  1. Let The Audience Know What You’re About

Use every single ad as a chance to spread your company message. You don’t just want to sell viewers on the specific product or service, but also your business as a whole. 

The best video advertisements give viewers a brand that they can trust and believe in.   

  1. Be More Than Simple Video Advertisements

Commercial marketing video creators know that ads aren’t just about selling the product. You need to tell a compelling story your audience will relate to. 

Here’s where you can get creative. Maybe you want to highlight the stories of real-life customers who have benefitted from working with your business? Or maybe you want to set your product in a fantastical realm? 

Start Selling in Seconds

Now that you know which strategies will lead you to success, all that’s left is to make the video advertisements. Want to know how? You can find stellar content including a YouTube advertising guide, daily tech tips, and more on our blog.