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8 Best Tech Trade Shows You Should Know

If you’re in the tech sector, you’d surely want to be part of the best technology trade exhibitions in the world. Attending such events won’t only allow you to get the latest updates, but also network your business. So, which trade show should you go to? You don’t have to do rigorous research, for we’ve done it all for you!

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Here are the top picks for the best tech trade shows you can join. Keep on reading as we provide a concise review of the topnotch tech events in this list.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

CES is a worldwide prominent tech business event that attracts people who thrive on the trade of consumer technologies. It’s been running for over 50 years and continues to set the standards in terms of the latest innovations.

In fact, you can find everything here, from traditional tech to main trends and developing technologies. This includes automobile companies, houseware organizations, and even robotics. So it wouldn’t be surprising to know that they accumulate almost 200,000 attendees annually. Just like that, no other tech exhibition relishes the type of media coverage CES does.

Tech Connect Live

Annually, more than 3,000 tech VIPs grace the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) for Tech Connect Live. As the most significant technology show in Ireland, it always offers a full schedule for businesses. This includes showcasing a range of excellent speakers, the latest technologies, networking events, masterclasses, and workshops. Hence, whether you’re an investor, supplier, or a start-up, there’ll be something for you at Tech Connect Live trade show.

Cisco Live

Cisco Live is Cisco’s well-known annual tech conference that is intended to build the groundwork of the digital future. How? By implementing new learnings, insights, connections, and motivation. Just imagine the technical education, one-on-one meetings, networking with peers, and even the future-focused thought leadership that you’ll gain once you attend this event. So if you’re an IT or tech professional, be sure to mark your calendar for Cisco Live.

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX)

GITEX is a famous week-long technology event in Dubai, which is the heart of the thriving tech. Just like CES, GITEX has been active for many decades now. Every year, it showcases 17 large segments of tech areas, including virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet of things (IoT), smart cities technology, and robotics.

We greatly recommend you to visit this year’s show since they’ll be celebrating their 40th GITEX Technology Week. Go and be part of this year’s inspiring breakthrough event.

IBM Think

Think is the International Business Machines Corporation’s (IBM) flagship international software and technology conference. Every year, tens of thousands of IBM clients, IBMers, and IBM business associates congregate at this event. Its attendees aim to share their knowledge, learn about the latest tech, build essential skills, and expand their professional network.

IBM’s conference cover’s the breadth and depth of technology, along with different business topics. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, infrastructure, data and analytics, and more. Check out their website and see tons of content they’ll be covering this year.


If you’re into office technology, then you have to check out ITExpo in Florida. This event attracts all types of businesses that represent all communications and technology sectors. What’s more, thousands of delegates visit this tech trade giant annually to see the latest technologies. This year, expect mobility, cloud, cybercrime, and managed services as their primary topics.


VMworld is a world-renowned event that focuses on cloud infrastructure and digital workspaces. Each year, it explores significant elements of the innovation advancements for digital enterprises. With over 20,000 attendees plus 230 sponsors and exhibits annually, this is undoubtedly an exhibition that’s worth considering. Especially if you want to stay updated by getting firsthand information with the latest trend in technology.

Women of Silicon Roundabout

The Women of Silicon Roundabout is a valuable technology cluster and driving force of the UK’s tech output.

As London’s answer to Silicon Valley, this trade show event focuses on the role of women in the technology sector. It aims to play a huge role by becoming the leading tech ecosystem not only in London but also to the rest of the UK. This is the ideal place to see the top new products, hear the best speakers, and pick up new essential skills. 


The tech trade events we enumerated above are major exhibitions that gather thousands of attendees and vendors. If you wish to be part of these big trade shows, make sure you’re fully equipped with all the resources you’ll need. Aim for a booth that stands out from the crowd to secure the success of your upcoming event. It would be best to hire a trade show professional, like Aplus Expo, that can provide all your booth display needs. 

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