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Best Korean Movies on Netflix

Best Korean Movies on Netflix

Korean cinema is gaining lots of fans around the world in recent years. Korean romatic comedies and horror movies are garnering lots of attention and getting remarkable appreciation. The plot and storytelling skills are quite gripping and cinematography is spellbinding. A true movie lover definitely loves the Korean movies. Right from the release of the classic movie “Oldboy”, international movie lovers are showing immense interest in Korean movies. There are a couple of Korean movies like The Host which became a thunderous hit across the world! We’ve listed down some of the best Korean movies available on Netflix. Here are our recommendations for the Korean movie fans. You can also checkout for the free movie sites list.


Pandora deals with an interesting subject matter. The plot is emotional and thrilling at the same time. The visual effects must be applauded. The cinematography is appropriate. Pandora is considered the best work of Jong-woo Park. The protagonist in this movie is concerned about the disastrous conditions of the nuclear power plant in their neighbourhood. But no one cares to listen to his concerns. The turning point comes when the earthquake hits the area and damages the nuclear power plant severely. People in the local neighbourhood begins to panic and tension spread like haywire to all. The plot revolves around the protagonist and his colleagues who try to prevent another hazardous nuclear damage.

The Age of Shadows

The Age of Shadows is set in 1920 when Korea was ruled by Japan. It’s based on some true historical events. The thrilling moments in the movie are quite captivating. The tension between the Japanese and Koreans was highly intense during those times. A team of resistance fighters try to ship explosives to Seoul city in order to attack the prominent organizations of Japanese troops. Japanese troops strive to stop the attacks. The film is dark, captivating and thrilling. The soundtrack of this movie perfectly conveys the intense emotion. The mystical and tensed atmosphere created in “The Age of Shadows” creates a strong impact and will be remembered for a long time.


Jun Ji-Hyun starred in another powerful role after her successful film My Sassy Girl. The espionage action in Assassination during the times of World War II is extraordinarily captured. The movie is quite intense as it deals with the conflict between the Japanese officer and the Korean resistance fighters. Assassination was well received by Korean audience and it’s one of the top five highest grossing movies in Korea in 2015!. You can also watch this movie through KAT proxy.


Commitment is a spy thriller movie starring Korean pop star T.O.P. He acts as the son of a rich father who fails to accomplish a mission at the labour camp. He enters the labour camp together with his sister to complete the mission successfully.  He deals with the superior officers to accomplish the mission. He undergoes an intense training for 2 years and arrives in South Korea. The North Korean couple who hosts him in Seoul and spies on his actions. The story unveils with lots of twists and drama. The differences between the South Korean and North Korean languages are portrayed wonderfully.

Train to Busan

If you are interested in watching a Zombie movie with realism, you must watch Train to Busan. The plot is intriguing and the relationship between the father and daughter moves you emotionally. Almost 90% of the movie happens inside a train. The superfast train which runs from Seoul to Busan encounters a strange apocalypse on the way. The visual effects are incredible and create a realistic zombie effect. Train to Busan is a perfect package of melodrama and action. It’s probably the most realistic zombie movie ever made!

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