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Download Paid Android/iOS Apps for Free with AppValley App Apk [Latest Version*]

Normal Android/iOS users, generally, refrain from download paid applications even though some of them might look pretty attractive and tempting. However, sometimes the need to download a paid application might be too hard to repel. In such cases, if the application turns out to be useful it becomes a good investment. However, if the same application doesn’t provide the functionality, for which it was downloaded, it turns out to be an incredible wastage of money. In this post, this issue will be dealt with once and for all through an application named as ‘AppValley’ which has got an amazing inventory of Android/iOS applications, which are paid in their original app stores but are available for free in AppValley.

Apart from housing the fully cracked free versions of paid Android/iOS applications; AppValley also has an incredible amount of hacked applications and games. This, definitely, makes AppValley worthy of grabbing one of the top spots in the market of 3rd party App Stores. Everything is available, absolutely, free and you needn’t spend even a single dime for downloading any application from AppValley.

AppValley for Android Mobile/Tablets & iOS [iPhone/iPad] | Features AppValley App Apk

Going directly to the download and installation steps, without discussing the amazing features of this application, is, indeed, not recommended. So, below listed are some of the major features of AppValley App Apk.

  • The most attractive feature of AppValley is its amazingly big inventory. You will always find the desired application ready and available in it. In cases where you aren’t able to find the desired application, you can always place a request with the developers to add the same.
  • This 3rd party App Store has got a fantastic customer support who are always there to answer your queries in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Updates, if any, are notified and you can update the particular application there and then or postpone the update to a later time.
  • You don’t require to root your Android device or jailbreak your iOS device to install AppValley.
  • The user-interface of AppValley is extremely friendly. There are 5 categories namely Today, Games, Apps, Updates, & Search. Apps section is further subdivided into tweaked apps and paid apps. Paid apps are the apps which are originally paid but are available for free in AppValley.

The eagerness to explore AppValley must have crossed all boundaries by now. Let us check out the download and installations steps now.

Install AppValley for Android Mobile/Tablets without Root [STEPS]

  • As a first, please toggle on the option of Unknown Sources from Settings -> Security.
  • Next, please navigate to the following link to download AppValley Apk from below provided url (com).
  • Tap on the Apk file to start the installation process. You might require to tap on ‘Install’ again.
  • Within a few minutes, AppValley will get installed. Just launch the application from the home screen and start downloading.

Install AppValley for iOS [iPhone/iPad] without Jailbreak [STEPS]

  • Please use Safari Browser to navigate to : http://appvalleyvip.com
  • From the webpage tap on ‘Install AppValley’ and click on ‘Install’ once again on the pop up that comes up later.
  • The download and installation process will start now and will get over within a few minutes.
  • The application’s icon will be present on your device’s home screen. Do trust the profile of the same before launching it.

AppValley Free Download for Android/iOS | Free Install AppValley App Apk

So, these were the easy steps to download and install AppValley on your Android or iOS device. For any questions or queries, please use the comments section provided below.

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