COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives, for better or worse. The world didn’t foresee what it endured. However, it also did not remain static throughout the period. Trends have changed and are continuing to change. From 24/7 closed office shutters to entire online business management policies, somehow, we found ways to survive pandemic challenges.

The business sector globally revised its operational plans and tried different strategies to make it work. Marketing, an essential aspect of all companies, witnessed a drastic change. With everything shifting to online modes, now came the time to upgrade digital marketing strategies. With an influx of millions of users, they must capitalize on the opportunity and adapt to the fluctuating world. Therefore, here are some digital marketing solutions to target during and after the pandemic.


Digital marketing is booming with few traffic-driven ideas. Among them, guest blogging or guest posting is a remarkable way of generating traffic for your website. It is a vital utility for attracting the targeted audience directly to your website. If you have experience with blogging, you have likely played with the idea of guest blogging as well. The overarching principle of guest posting revolves around publishing your content on other websites. However, one must narrow down their options to websites within their designated industry. 

Nevertheless, by incorporating external links in the content, you can boost the domain authority significantly. Additionally, you will also build more relationships with peers in the same industry while increasing your brand awareness. Hence, guest blogging generates a considerable amount of website traffic, ensuring brand awareness among the target audience. But before diving right into it, you must clarify what you wish to gain from the collaboration. Once done, look for non-competitive websites and get in touch with them.


Often considered the best means for off-site SEO, backlinks are essential for boosting your marketing strategy. Several studies show that almost 70% of the websites do not contain a single backlink. Therefore, making this a fantastic tool for capitalizing on its potential for attracting an unexploited audience. However, one cannot spam their content with low-quality websites possessing no domain authority. Not only will this not benefit your website, but it will plummet your SEO ranking instead.

For a successful marketing campaign, you must link websites with considerable domain authority and high-quality content. Doing so will prove a vote of confidence from the reputable website, thus, making Google believe the same for you. Google’s algorithm is quite peculiar; it considers several aspects before determining the website’s rank — including backlinks. Moreover, backlinks also contribute to brand awareness and credibility of your website. But you must play with backlinks carefully, as overusing them will inevitably backfire. 


COVID-19 has more or less united the world through digital means. Social media platforms have seen record-breaking numbers for the number of people going online and socializing with their friends. Typically, you would only be targeting the younger demographic through social media. However, the lockdown situation has made it possible to garner the attention of older demographics as well. With online businesses booming like never before, customers have shifted to online shopping modes for a good reason. And how can you market your online business effectively? Through social media.

Social media provides consumers with a platform to leave feedback and their concerns regarding the products. However, this also works for the business industry. These platforms enable businesses to respond with fast and supportive customer service, making them feel heard and appreciated. Ultimately, this will result in helping you build your reputation, further refining your brand. 


Suppose you’re trying to target your existing customer base while making room for new ones. In that case, you must consider email marketing. It provides an excellent opportunity for enhancing your brand visibility and reputation, making your brand top-of-mind, as well as cementing yourself for repeated sales. The other objectives of email marketing include providing clients with enticing information. You can also offer a newsletter offering industry news, discounts, and personalized content to keep the viewer glued to the brand. 

Email marketing is a very subtle yet advantageous technique for creating sales. Most of us unknowingly sign up for newsletters from prominent brands and companies. We receive countless emails from them regarding industry news and deals, with many of us taking those deals and making the purchase. An effective strategy, right? A survey shows that more than 80% of big companies use email marketing, with an average ROI of $44 for every $1. Moreover, surveys also indicate that unlike spam emails, users enjoy reading these newsletters. Thus, diminishing the chances of having your newsletter gone unread. 


PPC is a dynamic aspect of marketing that depends on an auction-based system. It requires the user to bid on different keywords, representing the ads they wish to pop up when searched. The keywords act as triggers for the ads, thus, indicating their importance. Moreover, the search results determine the ranking for your ads. PPC’s goal is to target the audience with transactional queries, allowing them the opportunity to purchase products. By the act of clicking your ad, they must reach your landing page, with the call-to-action for converting. However, one must understand that visitor conversion can be through newsletter subscriptions and not just through a purchase.

PPC offers possibly the most cost-effective option for paid advertisements. It serves as a fantastic utility for new businesses looking for a headstart through digital marketing. Not only does it propel the website to top SEO ranks, but it improves the organic search ranking as well. Businesses earn an average of $8 for every dollar spent on Google Ads.


Industries have gone through a tough year, and the ordeals are likely to further complicate down the line. Businesses have only two reasonable options: either accept the ever-changing state of trends and adapt or continue to pursue the same ideology for running the business. The former will undoubtedly succeed, while the latter will fail. There may have been room for adopting modern techniques and strategies in past years, but that margin does not exist at the moment. Therefore, even after adopting digital marketing tactics, they must strive to improve even further.