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How Can A Software Developer Work In Healthcare?

Experts in different fields have predicted that computer specialists will secure more jobs in the healthcare sector than any other industry in the next 10 years. Software developers can find that working in the health sector is the most lucrative and worthwhile option. Software development in healthcare can help doctors and medical institutions to offer excellent healthcare services to needy patients. Below are some of the roles software developers can play in the medical field.

Medical software engineer

Medical software engineers are computer experts who create software systems and applications that make it easy for health practitioners to offer services t patients and to develop new methods of administering medical treatments using up-to-date technologies. Some of their roles in the medical sector are:

  • Developing software can provide a better way of gathering and storing medical records of patients
  • Building and managing websites that make it easy to share medical research data among health workers worldwide
  • Providing a better electronic ways those doctors can use to obtain health records and data relating to a patient
  • Creating mobile methods that allow health practitioners in different geographical areas to communicate and collaborate in real-time.
  • Researching the current capacity of the existing medical software and make modifications where necessary to boost its efficiency

Health information technician

These people with a strong background in computer technology are tasked with the role of managing and organizing data in the medical field. They ensure that medical information that the health institution keeps in electronic form is kept in the highest standards of accuracy and quality. They are also tasked with the role of ensuring that such data is easily and quickly accessible to nurses and doctors. Their other roles are:

  • Safekeeping medical records of patients in electronic form
  • Safekeeping medical records of patients in manual form
  • Organizing the available health data into various groups for easy maintenance, for example, insurance-related data, data related to patient’s treatment history, and database registries.

Health App developer

Medical apps are among the mobile apps that are growing very fast. Mobile apps can fulfill various medical necessities of patients. Healthcare apps developers can use their software engineering skills to create mobile apps that can:

  • Quickly connect the user to a healthcare worker
  • Offer daily updates on advancing health and nutrition for the app user
  • Reminds patients when it is time to take their medicines and to alert users to keep their medical appointments
  • Nutrition and fitness apps that help to monitor the intake of calories and exercise regime

Clinical systems analyst

These are computer experts tasked with the role of managing the computer network at the hospital. Their roles are:

  • To ensure the smooth running of the computer system
  • Installation of medical computer software programs
  • Upgrading the hospital’s computer system when required
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the hospital electronic information
  • Monitoring the hospital’s electronic devises, identifying areas of improvement, and effecting the required improvements
  • Troubleshooting malfunctioning software and hardware
  • Training new staffs of proper handling of the hospital’s computer network, and retrieval and inputting of medical data
  • Replacement and repair of a malfunctioning or obsolete computer equipment

Research scientist

Software developers play an important role in medical research. Some of their roles in the medical exploration field are Processing signals and images obtained from machines used in the medical field such as MRI and CT devices. The data produced by these devices in signal form. The role of the software developer is to create software that can convert these signals into usable data.

The Bottom Line

The medical field can offer some lucrative job opportunities for software developers. Some of the areas in the medical field where software development skills can be applied are medical software engineers, Health information technicians, Health App developers, Clinical systems analyst, and Research scientist.


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