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How Does R2000 Dual Router Support the PoE Solution

Interconnectedness in the age of technology is becoming increasingly important. The Seamless integration of data systems, communication infrastructure, and cloud services is critical for many businesses operating in industries across all sectors. Finding the right industrial IoT solution for your company can be challenging; however, there are reliable names you can trust.

Robustel is an industry leader in the M2M and industrial IoT solution market. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of gateways, wireless modems, cloud software, and EDGE computing. The primary objective of Robustel is to provide companies with scalable hardware solutions to their IoT issues.

One of the company’s newest initiatives is Robustel PoE solution.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that integrates power into standard LAN devices. It can supply power to network devices, such as IP phones or webcams, by using the same cable for network connection. In this way, there is no need to supply power to the camera through the power socket at the camera location. The UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) can be used centrally to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the device for 7×24 hours while simplifying the management.

Robustel PoE solutions are designed to deliver data and power to a device via one CAT 6 or CAT 5 cable. PoE technology started with consumer electronics and is now being adopted for industrial use. The primary benefit of using a PoE connection is that you don’t need to set up different connections for data and power.

The R2000 dual router is an industrial module cellular VPN with integrated PoE functionality. This router was designed for enhanced remote equipment monitoring and communication via a singular power and data connection.

The R2000 dual router is packed with the following specifications:

4 Ethernet LAN ports


Multiple VPN tunnels

Dual-SIM support 4g/3g


Auto reboot via SMS/Timing


Robustel IoT solutions can be used to increase management capabilities across a wide range of different industries. Connecting the R2000 dual router to your existing infrastructure is very easy, and Robustel offers ongoing support. You can update the R2000 dual router via a web user interface, which makes it easy for you to maintain the security of your IoT infrastructure.

The R2000 dual router is equipped with four fast Ethernet LAN ports, and it supports Power over Ethernet 12.95 w PoE / 30 W Poe + shared by four Ethernet LAN ports. Possessed with the new function, Power over Ethernet, The R2000 dual router makes the installation or expansion of power supply and data transmission more accessible and cheaper.

The R2000 dual router also supports multiple app integrations such as WLAN, multi-language, QoS, DDNS, VRRP, SNMP, Captive Portal, and more. With this functionality, you can seamlessly integrate your new PoE solution into your existing systems. Cohesion across your network devices and software means better operating efficiency all around.

If you’re existing IoT setup is starting to slow your business down, Robustel PoE solutions can help solve the problem. Staying on top of emerging technology and trends is essential in the current age we live in. By implementing premium IoT and PoE solutions such as Robustel products into your network, managing your daily operations will become much smoother.

PoE is a relatively new way of wireless transmission, which is why getting ahead of the curve could mean considerable potential for your company. There are no industry barriers or knowledge restrictions when it comes to implementing PoE infrastructure. Robustel serves to help all of its clients integrate and deploy secure IoT protocols that are reliable.

RobustLink is supported by the R2000 dual router, which makes it easy for you to configure, monitor, and upgrade your network seamlessly. Visit the official Robustel website and request a consultation to see how their hardware and cloud solutions can help your corporation stay connected.

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