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How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey

How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey

How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey ?

To place your WiFi Router is always best practices to get the better wireless speed. It,s not easy for you to find out the best place to kept your wireless Router.

Today i am going to show you How to find the Best place for your Wireless Router ?

Ekahau HeatMapper is an eays to use application that allows you to easily draw your  Wi-Fi network map. It is a  tool that shows, on a map, the wireless network coverage in your home or small office. HeatMapper also locates all access points.

HeatMapper also provides a real-time view to all access points and their configurations.

HeatMapper uses your built-in wireless network adapter, therefore, all you need is a Windows-based laptop with wireless. And it takes just one minute to install.

key features of “Ekahau HeatMapper” :-

  • Shows Wi-Fi coverage on a map
  • Locates all access points
  • Detects security settings and finds open networks
  • Designed for home and small office
  • Free of charge, one-minute install
  • Supports 802.11n, as well as a/b/g

Downlaod and Install Ekahau HeatMapper tool on your laptop (it will work only on laptop)

Importing a map image :- 

It is recommended to import a floor plan image of your house or office. The coverage maps will be displayed on the map. Supported image types are png, bmp, jpeg, and gif.

Alternatively, you can work on a grid, without a map. However, the coverage maps may not be as accurate.

Performing site surveys :- 

You will need to perform a site survey to see the coverage maps.

To start a site survey, left-click on the map. Start slowly walking slowly around the facility. HeatMapper will constantly collect signal data during the survey – not just when you click, all the time.

During the survey, left-click your location freuently on the map.

Right-click to end the survey.

How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey

Now your site survey will start > You need to move slowly in all area

How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey

Now you can easily find your best location with green color.

How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey


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Source :- http://www.ekahau.com


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