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How to Detect OS version of a web server

How to Detect OS version of a web server

How to Detect OS version of a web server :- 

What is Web Server ?

A Web server is a program that, using the client/server model and the World Wide Web’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ), serves the files that form Web pages to Web users (whose computers contain HTTP clients that forward their requests). Every computer on the Internet that contains a Web site must have a Web server program. Two leading Web servers are Apache , the most widely-installed Web server, and Microsoft’s Internet Information Server ( IIS ). Other Web servers include Novell’s Web Server for users of its NetWare operating system and IBM’s family of Lotus Domino servers, primarily for IBM’s OS/390 and AS/400 customers.

Today i am going to show you How to detect OS version of a web server ?

Method 1 :- OS fingerprinting with Nmap

Most popular method of detecting OS version is use the nmap. use the syntax

root@bt:~# nmap – O www.Yourwebsitename.com


Method 2 :- Web Server Information – BrowserSpy.dk


this will show you lots of information about web-server.


Method 3 :- use hexillion.com

Open http://hexillion.com/asp/samples/AspTcpQuery.asp and enter your website name to get the webserver information.


Method 4 :- Use centralops.net

Open http://centralops.net/co/DomainDossier.aspx and enter your website name to get the details of webserver information.


Method 5 :- Use the ID Serve Tool

ID Serve can connect to any server port on any domain or IP address, then pull and display die server’s greeting message, if any, often identifying die server’s make, model, and version, whether it’s for FTP, SMTP, POP, NEW’S, or anything else.


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