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How to install windows programs in Linux Mint

How-to-install-windows-programs-in-Linux-MintHow to install windows programs in Linux Mint :- 

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are two of the most popular desktop Linux distributions at the moment. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. In these days, Mint seems to offer more configurability than Ubuntu out-of-the-box. Whereas Ubuntu’s Unity only includes a few options in the latest version of Ubuntu, there’s an entire settings application for configuring the Cinnamon desktop.

In my previous article i wrote about Easy way to Run Windows Software on Linux . Today i am going to show you How to install windows programs in Windows ?

First you need to install Wine in your Linux Mint OS, For this open the terminal ( Ctrl +Shift+T) and enter the following command.

rumy@:~# sudo apt-get install wine

Now with rumy@:~sudo apt-get update update your repository.


Now download the software from the internet that you want to install. like in my case i want to install CCleaner. Now right-click on the exe file, Now here you have the option to open your program with Wine Windows program Loader.


Now Wine will configure the installation.


Enjoy Windows software in Linux Mint.

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